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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.
There are a lot of cool things at WPUNJ that remind us why we love our school: the arcade, the Campus Cafe, the Amphitheater, Hobart Manor, how you can see the NYC skyline from certain spots on campus, and countless more. However, there’s just something missing that would make our campus a collegiette’s nirvana — in fact, there are five. Here are five buildings we should have on campus.
Pet Place
A pet place would be the most popular building on campus. Whether you just broke up with your boyfriend, bombed that test you stayed up all night studying for, or just have some time to kill between classes, a building full of puppies and kittens is the perfect solution. And therapy dogs (cats, too!) are perfect for stress relief.
Nap Building
Whether you’re a commuter with a long day or a roommate whose been sexiled, a nap building is something every student would appreciate on campus. Students could go there, exchange their student ID for a room key, and reenergize for that long 6:00-8:40 class. Every collegiette knows the value of (and appreciates) a good nap.
Valet Parking Garage
Imagine a world where you can show up at 9:25 on Monday morning and actually make it to class on time. Lot 5 wouldn’t have to be a war zone, you wouldn’t have to stalk someone for their parking spot, and you’d never have to show up at 9:15 for your class at eleven, ever again. We know that WPUNJ is already working on a Parking Garage, but Valet service would be nice. Now, who can we talk to to make this happen?
Underground Tunnels
Okay, so technically this one isn’t a building, and maybe it’s a little far-fetched, but underground tunnels would be the best addition to campus. Instead of suffering through the winter trekking through the bitter cold we could just take a stroll through the underground tunnels connecting every building on campus. We would never ruin another pair of Uggs walking through the slush, slip on ice in front of a large amount of people, or ruin a good hair day because of rain again.
Campus Bar
Every collegiette (21 and older) loves to meet up with their friends after a long day of classes, grab a drink, and just hang out. Imagine how convenient it would be if you could just walk to the Student Center and do exactly that. Plus, if you drink a little too much, the dorms are just a walk away.
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Nicole attends William Paterson University and is majoring in English with a concentration in writing. She is 21 and lives in Livingston, NJ. She loves to read, watch Netflix, and nap as often as she can. She also loves her dog and anything feline-related.
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