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4 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room

School has just started and it’s time to decorate a new living space. Here are some suggestions!

Add plants! Plants can help reduce stress. They also clean the air to make your dorm room a place to relax, which can be really helpful during study sessions! Anyway, plants are cool…that’s enough of a reason to use them to decorate any room. Having something to take care of will be a refreshing change, as well.

Add photos and art! Leaving home can be hard if you have friends and family that you’re leaving behind. Adding memories to your walls can help you feel less lonely. Hanging up pieces by your favorite artists will make your walls look less dull. This can also show off your personality to people who see it. Art and photos are also great conversation starters by giving people something to talk about when they visit your dorm. It is also the easiest way to decorate a room.

DIY furniture! Make your own headboard with these instructions. You can even drape a sheet over a chair and use tulle to make a DIY chair cover. Making DIY furniture can help “pretty-up” your space and make it feel homier. It also makes your dorm room more unique! 

Do a combination of the above! Combine plants and pictures like the picture above for a completed look. A room filled with plants can bring life to it. Having different types of plants that require different care can help take your mind off of the things that are stressing you out. This can also help you relax while making your room look beautiful! Filling your space with pictures of your favorite people can make you happier, too.

Those were just a few ways to decorate your dorm room. Why don’t you try a few during this school year?

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