4 Types of Family Members Everyone Has

No matter who different every family is, we all have at least 4 similar characters in our family. Here are 4 people everyone has in their family. 


The Gossiper

Everyone has that one aunt that always knows the gossip whether it be from celebrities, friends or anyone in the family. Your business becomes hers in a second. 


The one that drinks a bit too much at the party

There is always one or two family members that always have too much to drink. We all have that one aunt or uncle that ends up stumbling within an hour of being there. 


The Judgmental Aunt


We always have that one aunt who always has something to say. Her favorite quotes are "Ohh... that's what your wearing" "That's interesting" "When I was your age I..." and "Have you gained some weight?" 


The life of the party

 The loud aunt, uncle or cousin that has the game ideas and music on deck at every party. They make sure the party never gets dull.


Some of these family members are a pain in the booty but we can't change them, and if we had the chance to change them we wouldn't. "We can't live with them but we can't live without them."