The 4 Stages of “Being with Someone”

The next time you start to develop a crush on someone and the interest is returned, think twice about where you stand in the “relationship”.  

Darling, don’t be fooled by his charm and perfect smile. People don’t always say how they feel, but actions speak louder than words. Pay attention. You know that feeling you get when you meet a guy and the sparks start to fly and heaven transforms into a blue-eyed hunk with dirty blonde hair? In your pretty little head you start to imagine all of these cute scenarios of the lifestyle you would have with him.  

People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.

"Action expresses priorities"

                    -Mohandas K. Gardhi

One thing leads to another and the magical day has arrived  where he finally asks you out to “hang”. After days of texting and fooling around Snapchatting and DMing, he finally wants to see you in person. Now, you start to question where the two of you stand. 

Sweetheart, let me break it down for you: Don't be fooled by the game, but master it!
 The 4 Stages of “Being with Someone”

Stage 1 - Talking

During this stage, both parties recognize a mutual attraction and exchange phone numbers. While taking the time to text/call, both individuals are developing a friendship that might even consist of having casual sex. This is the stage where the waters are being tested without having to deal with any type of commitments.  

Stage 2 - Dating

Spending time with each other as friends, but with a mutual interest in each other. The dating stage consist of spending time together doing various activities from bowling to going to the movies. However, both parties are still allowed to talk to other people.

Stage 3 - Dating Exclusively

This is the stage were both parties are considered to be dating each other, but have mutually agreed to only date each other. Both individuals agreed to cut off all other people who they might have been interested in to focus on each other. This stage can also be considered the learning stage because both parties are giving the other the chance to express their true colors. 

Stage 4 - Relationship

During this stage, there is a mutual agreement to become a couple. This translates into only YOU and ME and no one else. This is where titles are being given out and the relationship is publicly apparent. 

“Before I met my husband, I’d never fallen in love. I’d stepped in it a few times.”

                                                        -Rita Rudner 

In conclusion, my darling, just because the spark is there, it doesn't mean it will stay. Be careful with who you start planning out imaginary scenarios with before confirming what stage of the "relationship" you are in.