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10 Fashion Bloggers on Instagram Fashionistas Must Follow

For all of you fashionistas out there, we at Her Campus WPUNJ know that gaining style inspiration on the daily is a must. Fashion trends are always on the move well ahead of the seasons, especially with NYFW 2015 currently running. In order to stay “in the know” we rely mainly on social media to let us know what is trending and being styled. Cue our love affair with fashion bloggers, especially with their Instagram feeds – following such iconic fashionistas just fuels style inspiration for all of us. To keep your Instagram feed filled with as much fashion inspiration as possible, we’ve chosen 10 fashion bloggers that are a must-follow on Instagram. From their personal styles to their fashionable adventures – you’ll be liking every single photo they post. Check them out below and be sure to click that, “Follow” button!


Aimee Song: @songofstyle

Aimee Song is both a fashion blogger and Youtuber from Los Angeles, California with a modest and minimal style. Her blog, Song of Style, features more of her style, beauty, products to buy, and more. She is always on the run with something new, keeping all of her followers on their toes.


Naty Michele: @natybaby

Naty Michele is a fellow New Jersey/New York fashion blogger from the blog, A Love Affair With Fashion. She dabbles in many interests from style and beauty to singing and more. Her sweet soul is evident in everything that she does, and she’s one you definitely would love to follow.


Negin Mirsalehi: @negin_mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi is a Dutch fashion blogger who is constantly traveling around the world. Her Instagram feed reflects just that and all of the wonderful styles she wears while doing so. She’s the face behind the blog, neginmirsalehi.com, which features more of her travels and fashion with a cool, authentic layout.


Vicky Manzhosov: @vickymanzhosov

Vicky Manzhosov is an ombré-rocking fashion blogger often featured on the Instagram of brands such as Forever 21. Her blog, Vicky’s Style, not only showcases her fabulous hair but her style as well. Her Instagram feed is a for-sure popular one with all of her gorgeous photos that constantly gain her followers.


Karissa Marie: @karissamariie

Karissa Marie is an up-and-coming fashion blogger and Youtuber currently living in Denver, Colorado. Her youthful and refreshing take on fashion is one to definitely watch for. She keeps everything fun, lovable, and daring with her style on both Instagram and her blog, karissamarieblog.com.


Amber Fillerup Clark: @amberfillerup

Amber Fillerup is a braiding blogger goddess located in the heart of New York City. She blogs on her site, barefootblonde.com, featuring her fashion, city happenings, and more; she also is a Youtuber where she creates hair tutorials for her oh-so magical braids. Her Instagram is an absolute dream featuring her sweet, little family and everything she loves.


Rachel Parcell: @rachparcell

Rachel Parcell is a blogger, jewelry designer, and mommy-to-be in Salt Lake City. Her blog, Pink Peonies, is a creative oasis for her where she features daily outfits, home style, and more. Her Instagram feed couldn’t be any more cute or pink with her adorable life.


Anna Gotsyk: @annagotsyk

Anna Gotsyk is a European fashion blogger who has been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue. She shares both her experience traveling around Europe and her style while doing so. She is constantly collaborating with designers, brands, and more, keeping her style always unpredictable.


Kat Tanita: @kattanita

Kat Tanita is a New York-based style blogger that runs the blog, With Love From Kat. She not only blogs but also creates travel products that showcase her love for traveling. Her Instagram features not only her New York happenings but adventures as well with fashion.


Julia Engel: @juliahengel

Julia Engel is a San Francisco blogger with a love for fashion, beauty, and more. She is the blogger for Gal Meets Glam – a beautiful site featuring her style in her everyday life. Follow her to see her simple, feminine, and classic style that you’ll surely love.



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A senior at William Paterson University with a English Literature major and minor in Fine Art. Victoria believes there is no limit to what you can do in life just as long as you stay positive, motivated and are happy doing so. Her creativity shines through many outlets from her lifestyle blog, articles on Her Campus and being a Beauty Director and Style Columnist at Cliché Magazine. Her success in the digital magazine and blogging world earned her the Best DIY Blogs in March 2014. Anything chocolate flavored, elephant related, and Stephen King distinguished are her absolute favorites. 
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