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Welcome Back Broncos

Broncos are back and ready to charge through this year!

We’ve all been deprived of our beloved school for four months and now a new school year is finally beginning. Whether you’re a freshman or winding down with your last year here, coming back is always the best feeling there is! I know how fun and distracting the first few weeks of school are for everyone. With Welcome Week (which some Broncos are probably still recovering from), Bronco Bash, and getting back into the swing of school and friends, WMU campus is chaos! Here are a few tips for everyone, so you readers can feel confident about a new year.

So you’re a freshman? We’ve all been there. You’re nervous, don’t know anyone yet, didn’t realize walking up the hill from the Valleys is basically worse than climbing Mt. Everest and are having heatstroke from lack of air-conditioning. SUCK IT UP! While you may start to shudder thinking about having yet another Taco Tuesday in the cafe or have a fall-out with your roomie, you will never get to re-live your freshman year. Always remember that!

Mary Dine, a sophomore, said, “Looking back, the dorms totally sucked, but I wouldn’t have traded living there for anything. It’s what brings everyone together and really makes you grow up, in a good way.” So while there are some downsides to being a freshman, it will be an unforgettable year, I promise!

All of us that have yet again made it through another year are back and ready for more! There’s nothing better than being reunited with our Bronco family and living it up. And while for most Welcome Week was a week-long binger, just remember that we are here for a reason people…what was it again? Oh right, “learning” or whatever they call it now-a-days.

Just remember that just because there’s something going on doesn’t mean you have to be there. There will always be another party, but I don’t think you can put ‘Beer Pong Champ 2012’ on a resume. So save the partying for the weekends and crack open those books as much as you need to! As Shakespeare said, “To drink beer, or not to drink beer.” Wait, did I get that right?

Whether you’re just starting out as a Baby Bronco or you’re getting ready to part ways with this place we all love, remember to enjoy every moment you’re here. Western has a beautiful campus, amazing people and once in a lifetime memories to be made! So be safe, study hard and make the best of all the time you have here. Let’s make this another great year here at Western Michigan!  

Edited by Gena Reist

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