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Prioritizing and Passing College

Being the college students we are, having the freedom to do whatever we want gets the best of us sometimes. But when you’re getting drunk on a Tuesday night and sleeping through your classes all week, something is seriously out of whack! While going to class at 8AM may suck, flunking out of school sucks a little bit more. Here are some easy tips to prioritize your schedule so you can have a social life and good grades… and so your parents don’t kill you.

First off, get the hell up! Go buy yourself a cheap alarm clock and place it somewhere not on your bed with you. Yes, I’m aware every citizen of the United States may have an alarm clock on their cell phone, but I don’t trust them one bit! It’s so easy to just reach over and turn off your alarm when it’s on your phone right next to you. It’s also easy to forget to set it every day and end up missing class because of it. Getting out of bed is the hardest part, but once you’re up, you’re halfway there! Once you get in the habit of skipping, you’ll skip all the time, causing you to fall behind and do poorly on homework and tests. Class may be boring and it may be early; whatever the issue, make yourself go to class.

Next off, avoid being distracted, which– let’s face it– is the easiest thing you can do in college. There are always going to be parties or plans that you want to be part of, but there will always be more! Although it may sound fun and spontaneous, going to a party when you have a midterm the next day probably isn’t the best idea. You can put off work, or you can get it done quickly and avoid going through the agonizing 1 a.m. study session. So come home from class, put away your laptop– I assure you Facebook will still be there when you’re done– turn off your cell phone and force yourself to do your homework and study!

If you get distracted easily by your roommates or friends, the library is your new best friend. It’s a great place to accomplish any kind of work; and with desks, computers, printers, silence, and help if needed, there’s no way you can’t get your work done! Plus, there is no better feeling than knowing you just accomplished all your homework and have nothing else to do but relax!

Lastly, think long-term. We all know studying is worse than almost anything in the world, but you have to think about your future! Friday and Saturday are for fun; getting everything done during the week will pay off in the long run. Know when to say “no.” Good grades mean a steady job and success in your future! Your parents—or yourself—are already paying tons of money for you to attend, so why throw it all away by not trying? This is college; that’s what you have to remember. It is a blast, you meet your best friends here and make the greatest memories, but you’re here for an education!

Follow these tips and I assure you: you’ll pass with flying colors, make your parents—and most importantly, yourself—proud, and still have an ideal social life. Prioritize now, party later and prepare for your bright future!              

Editor: Noel Carlson

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