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The Nicest Man in Hollywood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WMU chapter.


He’s go those killer baby blues, he sings, dances, he’s more than polite, and he can easily charm your socks off! If you’ve seen the interviews or heard anything from Tom Hiddleston’s fans, you would learn why they adore him!


Tom an actor is famous for playing Loki, Thor’s brother in the movie Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World. He has also starred in A Midnight in Parris, War Horse, and Only Lovers Left Alive. Tom hails from Westminster, England.  He attended schools such as Eton College, the University of Cambridge and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.


There’s so much to admire about Tom! At the 2012 British Academy of Film and Television Arts, a reporter twitted Tom asking him if he could bring him a little pick me up. Tom showed up with a thermos full of soup for the reporter! How sweet! That’s not the only good deed he’s done! Tom is also heavily involved with charity work. Recently he’s partnered with Unicef, Variety the Children’s Charity of New York, and Children’s Aid Society. For Unicef Tom traveled to Guinea in West Africa in January 2013, to see the work the Unicef has done there. He also took on the challenge of living under the poverty line for one whole week, to raise awareness for poverty around the world and to support Unicef. Living under the poverty line is living on less than a $1.50 a day, because The World Bank defines poverty as living on less than a $1.50 day, according to contactmusic.com. At an advanced screening of Thor: The Dark World that was held to thank Variety Children’s Charity of New York and The Children’s Aid Society for their work with kids in New York City, Tom made a surprise visit, according to The New York Dailey News. He posed for pictures an introduced the movie to the waiting kids.


Tom’s a pretty good guy! Did you know he can also dance? Tom appeared on an interview on South Korean TV, during his interview he showed off his sweet moves! In more recent news, he was also on After Hours on MTV, on the show he again busted out dancing! Did you also know that Tom can sing? He’s actually quite good too! He has sung in interviews, most recently in an interview on the German Web series Star in Cars. He sang a nice rendition of “Stand By Me.” Tom is also known for breaking out his impressions during interviews. Lately Tom has done an impression of Anthony Hopkins, who plays Odin in Thor: The Dark World.


Not only is Tom a great guy who can dance, sing and act, but he’s also sweet as can be! Tom loves Shakespeare and tennis. He can also speak five different languages, English Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, and Latin. Tom’s favorite superhero is Superman played by Christopher Reeves. When he was at Eton College, he was classmates with Prince William, according to moviefone.com.


Tom’s a pretty big celebrity who makes time to help others, and do general good deeds! He can dance, sing and do some pretty funny impressions. He speaks five languages! Plus he can say he went to school with Prince William. He’s definitely not your typical guy, and that’s why we love him!
















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