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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WMU chapter.

As October is nearing, I think it may finally be safe to say that fall is in full effect. Time to break out the booties, sweaters, and scarves! With each new season, new trends are released, making it that much more difficult to stay up-to-date. A true fashionista possesses the ability to keep with her her favorite trends from previous seasons, while also adding new trends to spice up her wardrobe. Below are four outfit ideas that blend old trends with the upcoming trends for fall 2017. Happy styling!



The stole (commonly known as a scarf/shawl) is a staple for every fall wardrobe. By keeping that, as well as your bottoms, neutral, we can focus on the main event: your shoes! Red is one of the hottest colors for fall, as velvet is a textile to look out for. If bright red is not your style, opt for a darker maroon shade – a fall classic. This outfit offers comfort, while still showing off your stylish side.

Date Night


Statement sleeves started gaining traction in the past seasons, and this trend is here for the long run. Its versatility allows for these sleeves to span across seasons. Pairing an old trend with a new one, look for skirts! Fringe will be all over clothing articles this season, as well as fun textiles, such as velvet and suede.

Night Out


Who doesn’t want to shine on their night out? Lucky for you, gold and “glitter bomb” are the upcoming trends you will see all over the dance floor. There are options for every level of standing out. From a glitter bomb dress itself, gold detailing on dresses, or just glittery accessories! Accessorize your favorite fall-inspired dress with glittery shoes and blinged-out jewelry to mend the best of both trends.

Fall Activities


The best part about fall is all of the fun activities that come with! Whether you are going to a pumpkin patch or apple picking, you are going to be taking photos, so you might as well dress to impress! Two big trends for the fall and winter seasons are fur and dark floral. The slouchy sweater is a fall classic, so spice it up with your favorite (faux) fur jacket and floral embroidered shoes! Happy fall y’all!

Marketing student at Western Michigan University with a passion for fashion and sports. 
Johanna is the campus correspondent for the WMU chapter and a senior at Western Michigan University. She is studying journalism and political science. She hopes to spend her life writing and influencing the world around her with her words. A member of the Western Michigan University Marching Band, Johanna has been in love with music for as long as she can remember and tries to balance out her busy life between writing and playing music.