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What to Wear: Sorority Recruitment: First Weekend

Sorority recruitment, nicknamed “Rush,” can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming, but knowing what to wear during each of the rounds can take a load off your shoulders so that you can focus on being your fabulous self and on making the right decisions about what sorority to join. Here’s how!

Round 1: Open House

The Set-Up: During the Open House round, you will visit nine sorority houses over two days. You will have 30 minutes at each house to talk to about three girls.

What to Wear: Wear something that highlights your personality and is good representation of who you are. What you wear could make a wonderful and lasting first impression, so make sure that impression is memorable and positive. Aim for what you would wear during a daytime church function or a nice dinner with Grandma: a nice dress or a skirt and blouse in summery prints. Many sisters and PNMs (Potential New Members) might wear Lilly Pulitzer dresses during this round, so if you have one, rock it! Because you may be sitting on the floor during this round, make sure all bases are covered and that you can easily sit without flashing anyone. Your makeup should be natural and polished. Make sure to bring some backup powder and lipgloss to reapply between rounds so you look your best at every house, whether it is the first of the day or the last one Saturday afternoon. Make sure that you have two different outfits (one for Friday and one for Saturday) that seem equally nice.

Tip for this round: Decorate your name card! Make sure to add personal touches. Do you play soccer? Add a ball! Are you a theater major? Add some drama masks! The name card helps sorority sisters see some of your personality and gives them an opportunity to bond with you over something you might have in common.
Round 2: Philanthropy Round

The Set-Up: During the Philanthropy Round, you will visit a maximum of seven houses (but it is totally fine if you attend less houses!). You will have 30 minutes at each house to talk to sisters and view a presentation by each sorority explaining their philanthropy, why it is so important to them, and different fundraisers they do to give back.

What to Wear: You can dress a little more casually during this round. It will probably be a long, hot day, so make sure you wear something that you are comfortable in that hides sweat and you know will still make a great impression and will look polished. Aim for a cute barbeque outfit: polished shorts or a skirt and a blouse with nice sandals. While you watch the philanthropy presentation and while talking with sisters, you will probably be sitting on the floor so, again, make sure everything is covered. Sisters will probably be wearing their philanthropy event shirts or outfits that tie in with the event, so this is a great opportunity to stand out since at least half the girls in the room are probably wearing the same thing!

Tip for this round: Come in with questions about that specific chapter. The night before, feel free to research the philanthropic work and achievements of each sorority so you can come to each round informed and ready to ask thoughtful questions. During this round, sisters will start to tell you more about why their sorority is so great and what makes their chapter different from others at W&M. Ask about their social events, philanthropy, homecoming, sisterhood events, their national achievements as well as on-campus achievements, etc.

Best of luck!

For more information about W&M Sorority Recruitment, visit: http://www.wm.edu/offices/greeks/recruitment/sororityrecruit/index.php

For a funny video detailing what to expect during recruitment, watch:


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