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What To Wear For the Rainy Williamsburg Weather

If there’s anything thing I’ve learned about going to school at William & Mary, it’s to always check the weather report. If it says 40% chance of rain, bring a travel sized umbrella just in case. If it says 50-60%, wear your rain boots. Anything above that and you should expect torrential downpour at the most inconvenient timing possible. Williamsburg weather can be sunny one day and rainy the next. Sometimes, we can go days on end with constant rain. Take advantage of these gloomy days by cheering up your wardrobe with bright rain boots, chic coats, and cute umbrellas!

Rain Boots
Considering the fact that we can’t wear our cute dresses or stylish tops in the pouring rain, our outfits tend to get a little bland or dull. Rain boots are a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to any rainy-day outfit.


Hunter Boots

Animal Print 

Rain Coats
Instead of simply throwing on an old sweatshirt to fight off the rain, invest in a good rain coat. There are tons of styles to choose from – from sporty to chic!


North Face

Trench Coat 
On those days when your jacket’s hoodie just isn’t cutting it, having an umbrella is seriously such a lifesaver! They are both efficient in keeping you dry and in adding a stylish accessory to your ensemble. When the days can seem so gray and dull, whip out a bright colored or patterned umbrella to bring up the mood. You’d be surprised how creative people can get their umbrellas!

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