What Graduating from College Feels Like Told in GIFs

It's that time of year again, but this time, it's YOUR turn to graduate. As much as you've longed for this day to come, now you're trying to pack in everything on your senior year bucket list while also making time to study for finals. Now you're regretting not taking more time to live in the moment, because the hard truth is: you're going to miss this place.

You've reached that point of the semester where you couldn't care less.

You just want to be done and get on with your life.

But you still have to get through finals first.

You work your butt off, even though you know your GPA doesn't matter in the real world.

After an intense two weeks of Ramen and all-nighters,

you're finally done with finals and school forever!

Now it's just days until graduation, and it dawns on you that you're about to leave your beloved college forever.

You try to fake a smile, but your friends know how you really feel.

The day comes and it's bittersweet.

You put on your cap and gown and a sense of calm washes over you.

You're ready to graduate and leave everything you know and love behind.

When you're done with the ceremony, you feel ecstatic.

Time to move on, collegiettes.