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We’ve Altered Our Campus Cuties and Campus Celebrity Policies!

Some of you all are big fans of our Campus Cuties selection and Campus Celebrities section. These two sections are where we take the opportunity to showcase the awesome people on our campus—we ask them what they do for fun, what organizations they’re involved with, and just generally ask them to share how awesome they are. Many people have used it to know more about the school and our student culture before applying, others check it out and learn more about our school and the awesome opportunities we take advantage of.

We’ve recently changed our Campus Cuties and Celebrity Policy in order to be fairer to those of varied gender expressions and sexual orientation. Our policy had once been to have men of The College as Campus Cuties, and women, alums, professors, and other staff as Campus Celebrities. We’ve reviewed this policy and decided to change it in order to make it more inclusive and less gender-based. Now, our Cuties will be all about awesome single people on our campus, regardless of gender, sex, or sexual orientation. Campus Celebrities will be where we feature alums, staff, clubs, and people who are taken.

We’re hoping that this change will make our site feel more representative of the great diversity of amazing people on our campus. We felt that people had once felt like their sexual orientation or gender expression would exclude them from our site—not cool—because of our previous system. It also was a little weird to spotlight guys as Campus Cuties when they were taken Now Campus Cuties will be all about singles that you can get to know, and Campus Celebrities will be about everyone else. In reality, everyone on campus is a Campus Celebrity, because we’re all involved in super awesome stuff, but Campus Cuties interviews will be more oriented around the person’s love life than Campus Celebrity articles, which will focus more on the cool stuff each Celeb does.

We hope that everyone finds these changes to be agreeable. We certainly think that this system is less cissexist and heterocentric compared to what we had before and we believe it’s a good step in the right direction.

Harper is a junior at the College of William and Mary, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Marketing. A DC-Area native, she serves as Co-President at Her Campus William and Mary. She spends her summers interning in Marketing. This past summer was spent in New York City working at OppenheimerFunds as a Digital Strategy Intern, and the year before at Gannett working as a Marketing and Promotions Intern in the Social Commerce Division. She hopes to slowly accomplish a few things on her list of ridiculous dreams including hugging a walrus and voicing a named Disney character in a movie.Blog || LinkedIn || Twitter
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