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I’m someone who likes to spend free time playing video games, whether on my PC or my Nintendo Switch. For women’s history month, it’s important to support female game developers, especially female developers of color who’ve had to break boundaries to make their way into the video game industry. Here is a short list of some interesting games to check out this month!


  1. Before I Forget (PC)- a point-and-click game about love and loss from the perspective of someone suffering from dementia. Your goal is to help collect lost memories. It was created by 3-Fold games, an indie game company made up of two women, Chella Ramanan and Claire Morwood. You can purchase the game on Steam or itch.io. 

  2. Even the Ocean (PC)- an indie game that follows a power plant worker trying to release bad energy from their town. There are multiple gameplay options available. It is created by Marina Kittaka, who is a Japanese-American trans-woman. You can purchase the game on steam.

  3. Portal (PC)- a 3D puzzle game that is part of a series. It centers around a woman named Chell who is forced to undergo testing. The developer of the game, Kim Swift, brought in graduates from the DigiPen Institute of Technology. It can be purchased on steam. 

  4. Earthlight Spacewalk– a visually beautiful game that allows players to visualize what a walk in space would look like. It has won multiple awards and the game developers, Jennifer Scheurle and Danielle Hindi, worked with NASA to make it as accurate as possible. It can be played on Windows 64-bit or on a VR Headset, and can be purchased at viveport.com.


This is a short list of games produced by women, but I challenge you to find more women developers not just this month, but all months of the year! And if any of these games interest you, make sure to go purchase them on their respective websites!

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