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Stuck in Colonial Williamsburg on Valentine’s Day? Looking for something for you and your special Twamp to do together? Look no further! Here is a complete list of things to do on Valentine’s Day that will bring you and your s.o. closer together:


  1. Take a cute carriage ride around CW! Even though it may smell a little, it’s still fun to pretend to be a tourist every once in a while. Bonus-this activity is outside, which makes it more Covid-19 safe (but don’t forget to wear a mask)!


  1. Get takeout from a restaurant you haven’t tried yet, bonus if it’s a small business! Make it a picnic by eating in the Sunken Gardens or try a romantic dinner by Lake Matoaka. Some suggestions include: Oishii for ramen, Precarious Beer Project for Mexican, or the DoG Street Pub for bar food!


  1. If either you or your s.o. enjoys the outdoors, go for a hike! Williamsburg has many hiking trails, including ones by Lake Matoaka that have a great view. If you want to take a longer walk, check out the Powhatan Creek Trail. The trail passes through wetlands and beaver ponds, and includes a timber bridge that crosses the creek. Again, this activity is in the outdoors, so it’s a lot more Covid safe (and free)!


  1. Visit the Williamsburg Winery! The Winery is a great spot to take cute pictures and relax. Even if you’re not of legal age, the winery offers food and other drinks, or you could reserve a tour. If you don’t want to be inside, you can place an order on their website and pick it up.  


No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day (whether with your s.o. or best friends, stay safe and have fun!

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