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‘Twas the Night Before Blowout

Twas the night before Blowout, and all through the College

Not a student was studying, full of the knowledge

That just the next morning would be a great day

Where classes were canceled and all could play


The students were planning their days full of fun

With prayers that the weather gods would bring them some sun

My roommate with her fanny pack and I with my tank

Where so high in spirits that we could not be sank


When outside our window there come such a shout

That we had to peer out and see what was about

To the Sunken Gardens we rushed and expected to see

A streaker or two, or possibly three


The moon shone down and lit up the grass

And to my surprise there was no naked ass

But instead I saw emerging near Wren

What appeared to be a gathering of young ghost men


Their voices were loud, their words full of cheer

In each of their hands they were holding a beer

They were making gestures that seemed quite intense

And then they saw me approaching they summoned me hence


As I reached their rag-tag band of brothers

A leader emerged, and said to the others:

“On Seniors, On Juniors, On Sophomores, On Freshmen

On all of those students who need a release of tension!!”


“Oh no” I replied, “you’ve made a mistake

“Blowout is the twenty-ninth, today is the twenty-eighth

You may find some students scattered about

But I doubt you’ll find many who decided to go out”


At first, it appeared that they were confused

They did not quite know how to take my news

But then their eyes lit up and their smiles grew wide

And it was clear they all agreed on what to decide


They started toward New Campus, to toast their freshman halls

And retrieve all the beer cans they left in the walls

And I heard them exclaim, as they stumbled out of sight—

“A Happy Blowout to all, and to all a good night!”

Psychology and Marketing major, accidental sorority girl at William and Mary. I love dressing fancy, eating, and sleeping, and hope to make a career out of all three of those things.
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