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Top 7 food essentials in my dorm

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WM chapter.

Most college students can well relate to the struggle of eating good, filling meals at college, especially in dining halls. I find myself running out of dining dollars very quickly, with an abundant amount of meal swipes left over at the end of every semester. I also find myself never really full after meals and always hungry throughout the day. So to help make sure that I am eating enough food and nutritious food, here are the essential food items that I keep in my dorm pretty much all the time.

Apples, Oranges or Grapes: These are some fruits that I love, fruits that stay fresh for a while, and fruits that I will actually eat.

Carrots: If I’m being honest, sometimes I forget to eat vegetables. So I find one type of vegetable that I love and always have it around.

Pop-Tarts and Muffins: These are for when I don’t have time for breakfast before my morning classes. I have these so that there is some sort of breakfast food for me to take on the go.

Coffee Pods and Oat Milk: As much as I love going to the main coffee shop on campus, I also really like making coffee in my dorm room. It also helps me save money in the long run.

Pita Chips and Crackers: These are great snacks to have when I need something to eat between classes or to eat on route to class. My current favorite snacks besides pita chips are Cheez-its (the extra toasty kind is iconic.)

Spring Egg Rolls: This essential is what I have been loving recently for when I want to switch up my dinner options or when I don’t feel like walking to a dining hall to get food.

Cookies or Candy: I am a firm believer in the power of deserts and their ability to improve my mood. I usually have some sort of sweet treat for a study snack or just because.

I want to end with a gentle reminder to everyone to try their best to eat well and eat enough. Living in a culture full of negative body image, harmful eating habits, and lots of societal pressure, it’s hard to take care of yourself sometimes. If no one has told you this today: you deserve food no matter what and please be kind to yourself.

Hi! I'm Elizabeth and I am a member of the class of 2024 at W&M. I plan on majoring in Geology with a minor in Marine Science. On campus I am also involved in the W&M Choir and the Marine Science Society! In my free time I love: to read, cook & bake, find new music to listen to, and spend lots of time on Pinterest!