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This summer is looking more normal than summer 2020, and hopefully that means being able to travel more and go out. In case you’re preparing and trying to fix-up your wardrobe for summer, here are some fashion trends you should keep an eye on! Snag some of these pieces for your wardrobe to spice up your fits!


  1. More tie-dye! I’ve seen tie-dye as a trend since last spring. It still doesn’t look like it’s going out of style anytime soon. Some popular ways that I’ve seen tie-dye pieces styled is an oversized shirt with biker shorts and matching sets. I personally am on the lookout for a hoodie and sweatpants matching set! Click here for some matching set inspo, and here for some more tie-dye fit ideas.

  2. Netting and mesh! I personally love using netting dresses and pants as a cover-up for the beach and the pool, and I’ve definitely seen a lot of mesh dresses on Instagram and TikTok. I’ve also seen some really cool layering ideas with mesh and netting crop tops over button downs, or as a jacket draped over another layer. Click here for some styling ideas, and click here for a cute mesh dress idea!

  3. Oversized Shoulder Pad Boyfriend Jackets! I’ve seen these all over TikTok and I definitely am looking to find one for myself. I’ve seen them dressed up with a dress or a skirt, or dressed down with a bralette or jeans. The piece is so versatile and can help give your figure more shape. Click here to check out some styling inspo, and click here to purchase one for yourself! 


I’m so excited to hopefully try out some of these trends this summer and see if I like them! However, it’s important to remember that trends change quickly, and pieces you pick up for one trend may be discarded when the next trend hits. Make sure the pieces you purchase can be used multiple times and styled differently!

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