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The Stapler Incident

Not every safety announcement we get on campus is a good one. Sometimes there are actual incidences of crime and/or tragedy. But today, like many other days, lets have a laugh at this. Let’s just laugh and be glad that this qualifies as front page news here in Thrilliamsburg. And let’s be thankful we live somewhere as safe and relatively quiet, apart from the occasional stapler firing off into bulletin boards, piercing the moist Williamsburg air.

Harper is a junior at the College of William and Mary, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Marketing. A DC-Area native, she serves as Co-President at Her Campus William and Mary. She spends her summers interning in Marketing. This past summer was spent in New York City working at OppenheimerFunds as a Digital Strategy Intern, and the year before at Gannett working as a Marketing and Promotions Intern in the Social Commerce Division. She hopes to slowly accomplish a few things on her list of ridiculous dreams including hugging a walrus and voicing a named Disney character in a movie.Blog || LinkedIn || Twitter
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