The Six Things You Hear on Every W&M Campus Tour

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1. The Legend of the Crim Dell Bridge

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Whether it’s true or not, one thing’s certain - none of us are willing to risk getting anywhere near that bridge.

2. We have a Cheese Club!

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Ah yes, the most iconic club on campus - the Cheese Shop Club. This is the one club that never fails to be mentioned on every tour. Are they buying the official W&M tour plug with Swiss cheese bribes? Something has to be going on beneath the surface here.

3. Thomas Jefferson went here (and Tyler, and Monroe)!

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Cue parent nudging their future gov major and whispering “That could be you!”

4. *Allow us to subtly stand in the lobby of Tucker while saying nothing about the English major, because this is the one aesthetic staircase on campus*

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This tactical move will be sure to reel in students who were on the fence about the lack of attractive stairs in the other academic buildings. And if you’re unfortunate enough to have a class in Tucker 111, parents will definitely be peering through the glass as you try to focus on your exam.

5. The food here is great!

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The dining hall food has definitely improved, but I think we all know that this statement is a bit of a stretch. I’ll give this one to the tour guides, granted they only live off of Cosi bread.

6. I love it here!

Despite some of the exaggerations you find on every William & Mary tour, this is one recurrent statement that can be said without the slightest bit of hesitation. Everyone who goes here, belongs here, and in spite of the downsides to our swamp, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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