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Six Secret Spots to Study on Campus

There are numerous places to crack open your books and get neck deep into the homework you’ve put off (that’s due tomorrow), the essay you should have already written by now, or the exam on information you’re not sure you even know. However, some places get to be rather boring to trek across campus for, so here’s six great spots (that you might not have known about) to get your work done before you even realize the time that’s passed.

The first ones are for great weather. The sun’s out, the wind is breezing past, and it’s a perfect day to soak up some Vitamin D.

1. Alcove of Small Hall: There’s a little area between two different sides of Small Hall that gives the feeling of sitting in an enclosed space, but is outdoors and allows you to immerse yourself in the environment as you work hard in completing the tasks at hand. Although the ground isn’t all that comfortable, there’s an easy fix for that. Bring along a blanket (and pillow if desired). Both should be washable if you wish to run it through the washer after using it outside.

2. Bench under trees between DuPont and Botetourt (aka the Porkchop): This area is perfect to sit with a book and read, whether the reading is for class or for personal enjoyment. You will be out of direct sunlight, but under some trees to where you’ll feel a breeze when it comes your way. This spot is great for days when the sun is too unbearably hot to sit out in the Sunken Gardens, but is too perfect a day to hole yourself up in Swem. For comfort, a pillow would work to rest your back against if desired.

3. Bench semicircle near Sunken Gardens: Towards the front end of the Sunken Gardens (the end closest to Sadler) there are three benches in a semi-circle that are overshadowed by trees. You won’t be in direct sunlight, but you’ll definitely feel a breeze. This is a great place to hang out with friends and get your work done at the same time. During your visit here, you’ll also make some squirrel friends who, by the way, love donuts from Wawa. This is also a great place to meet up with a partner for a group project.

4. Tables outside Andrews / PBK: This quaint, little seating area exists in a small alcove between Andrews Hall and PBK on the side closest to the Muscarelle Museum of Art. Surrounded by three walls and a few trees, this spot feels like being in a lounge while also being in nature. The tables provide ample space to spread out your work and get some stuff done, or to work on a group project with your peers. Enjoy some sunshine, a nice breeze, and maybe even a cool shade on some days as you work your hardest to get all the piled up assignments completed in time.

The next couple of study spots are great for when you just want to be inside. Whether the weather is snowy, wintery, or rainy, or you’d just rather not sit outside, this is where you should go.

5. Tucker Hall Steps: These steps provide ample space for you and some friends to sit down and get your work done as well as provide outlets for charging phones or laptops. You might want to bring a blanket along, because Tucker Hall can get kind of chilly. Pair with a nice hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and you’ve got the perfect place to cuddle in away from the cold weather and finish that work you know you’ve been putting off for some time.

6. Lounges within Dorms: While this spot may not be a secret per se, some of you usually shy away from studying in lounges because of noise, people, and other distractions. But if you’re feeling a little lonely, or just want to be around people while also getting some work done, head on over to the lounge in your hall. Cuddle up with a blanket, your notes, and some music, and delve into the world of your classes. This is also a great place to work on any group projects instead of meeting at Swem time after time. Lounges provide a cozy place inside from any cold or rainy weather to get some work done and be surrounded by people who can help you feel less lonely.

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