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Combine a girl who is a big foodie and a college town with multiple restaurants, and you’ll have a happy college student! While I’m still trying to get through all of my meal swipes, I love to take a day off and enjoy some food from a local restaurant. One of my absolute favorite places to eat is Oiishi!

Oiishi is a family owned and operated restaurant that began in 2015. They served Japanese-inspired food and even have bubble tea and various desserts! Their menu contains a wide variety of food for whatever you’re craving, from ramen to sushi and hibachi.

The first time I went was in the beginning of freshman year. I loved eating Japanese food at home, so I was excited to find a place that was so close to campus. I was still vegetarian the first time I went, so I got some of the veggie noodles and yum yum sauce. It was delicious and everyone I had encountered was so friendly! The next year, I moved into my sorority house, which was significantly closer to the restaurant. It was about a 50 foot distance from my bedroom. This obviously meant I needed to go more often! This year, I was trying to be mostly vegan, so I tried their vegan ramen, which was again delicious. I absolutely love the broth, and I also enjoyed being able to add the noodles myself, so I could get the perfect noodle to broth ratio.

I’ve also tried a variety of other items of the menu, like the vegetable gyozas, calamari, and fried rice, which are all similar to the rest of what I’ve had, delicious. I’m looking forward to trying the vegan bubble tea and the seaweed salad, and I have high hopes for both!

Overall, my experience at Oiishi has been amazing. The restaurant is taking precautions for Covid-19, and is only doing takeout. The staff has been so helpful and friendly, and I love being able to support a small business during the pandemic. So, if you’re ever craving Japanese food, Oiishi is the place to go!

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