Read, Watch, Listen: September 30, 2017

With September ending, and October right around the corner, here is your entertainment recap for the last week of September!


  • There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins—The author of romantic YA novels, such as Anna and the French Kiss, returns with a new mystery novel. In the novel, Perkins tells the story of a teen who moves across the country, only to have to face a serial killer. Written in a style similar to that of a teen slasher movie, this pick is sure to get you in the mood for Halloween!
  • Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King—Stephen King is having a bit of a resurgence today, especially with the younger crowd  (thanks in part to the success of the new It movie).  So if you enjoyed It, check out his new novel that he wrote with one of his sons. Sleeping Beauties tells the story of a small town where women fall into a deep sleep and men are left to run wild.


  • Ghosted—While many of the new TV shows for this season premiered this past week, some are holding off on their premieres. On Sunday October 1, Ghosted, a new comedy starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, former stars of The Office and Parks and Recreation, debuts with its first episode. This sitcom follows a believer in the paranormal and a skeptic as they investigate ghostly sightings all over Los Angeles. This funny show (and funny duo) is sure to thrill fans of comedy and the supernatural alike.
  • The Gifted—Another latecomer to the new TV season, The Gifted premieres on FOX on Monday, October 2. This show, based on Marvel’s X-Men characters is about two parents who find out their children are mutants and must go on the run. While fans of Marvel and DC are sure to love this, fans of a traditional family drama may like this new show as well.
  • The Big Sick—The surprise comedy hit of the summer has come out on DVD and is available for streaming. If you missed this sweet story about a man whose girlfriend falls into a coma, check it out. Bonus: The Big Sick is being tossed around as a contender for Oscar season, so see it before it wins all the awards.


  • “Reading Glasses” podcast—Instead of music this week, I have selected a podcast. “Reading Glasses” is a podcast for book lovers and those who want to be book lovers. The hosts of this podcast make recommendations about the best books to read, and also share tips on how to better incorporate literature into your life. 

Photo taken by Sarah Shevenock