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Sadly, one of my favorite shows so far this year has come to a close. I anxiously am awaiting the next installment of movies that feature Wanda, like Doctor Strange 2. I *almost* decided to stay up until 3am to wait for the last episode of WandaVision to come out on Friday, but I decided to wake up early before my 9am class and watch it. I was so excited to see what loose ends Marvel would tie up, and what would be a cliffhanger for the next movies. (If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you do, because the rest will all be spoilers!)


To be completely honest, I enjoyed the ending, but I was a little disappointed. For those that know me in real life, they know that my favorite character is Agnes (Agatha Harkness). She was such a great villain, she was the complete mastermind behind the scenes of Westview. I loved her theme song, her demeanor, and her ability to make the funniest jokes at the worst times. Katherine Hahn really stole the show with her amazing acting. But her storyline seemed to end rather abruptly. After Wanda defeated her in a 20 minute battle, she warped Agatha’s mind to be under control, and left her in Westview. Agatha was introduced as Agatha Harkness towards the end of the show, it didn’t really seem fair to give her a complete arc in three 30-40 minute episodes. At least personally, I’m hoping she makes a reappearance (maybe not as a villain!) in the upcoming movies. 


For the rest of the characters, I was pretty happy with the ending. Although the whole Pietro storyline was dumbed-down to a “boner” joke, I’m really excited to see what happens next to all the characters. Perhaps most of all Monica. She went from a member of SHIELD to her own superhero. I can’t wait to see her explore her powers in Captain Marvel 2. I truly hope she gets her own movie too in the future, I am very invested in what’s going to happen when she goes to space. 


As for Wanda, having her finally deal with the grief of a lost love and two children was refreshing to see. She gave up her control of the town and fled to a cabin in the woods. However, things aren’t really as they seem. A post-credits scene shows her reading the book of spells she took from Agatha to seemingly learn how to get her children back (possibly from the multi-verse??)


I 100% recommend WandaVision for people that are into or not into Marvel. It isn’t really like a lot of the Marvel movies I’ve ever seen. There’s mystery, magic, and a lot of references to characters from other movies. Now that all the episodes are out, I recommend spending a weekend binging them!

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