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My Experience With Theatre At William and Mary

I was a casual theater kid in high school, at least as casual as one can be in theater.   My high school did one show a year, and it was pretty much always a musical.  As someone who can’t sing, that meant I was stuck in tiny roles or the ensemble.  When I got to college, I didn’t really think about trying to join the theater community, confident I wasn’t talented enough.  But then, on a whim, I tried out for a club production of Romeo and Juliet and got cast in a small role.  Since then, I’ve jumped into theater here, at least as much as one can do without taking any theater classes, and I’ve learned so much.

1. Not getting cast doesn’t mean you can’t participate.

In high school, we always brought in our tech from outside the school, but what I learned here is that there is a whole world of behind the scenes work that can be equally if not more fulfilling than acting.

2. You are more talented than you think you are.

Everyone is their own worst critic.  I tried out for a role that I wasn’t certain I would get, and got cast. You never know what the director is looking for, and it might just be exactly the talents you bring to the table! (Of course, it might not be…)

3. Failure does not define you.

Like I said above, sometimes the director is looking for someone with your talents, but sometime they’re not.  Someone else’s talent might be a better fit for the role, but that doesn’t change how talented and amazing you are.  Trying out for things means sometimes, even often, you won’t get the role you want, but that doesn’t make you any less.

4. Trust your friends.

I’ve made so many wonderful friends through theater, and I learned that is okay to lean on your friends.  When you’re struggling, no one wants you to tough it out on your own.  Your friends do care, and they do want to help you.

Theater here has been a wonderful experience, and I feel like I have grown so much as a person, and I’m incredibly grateful.

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