My Current Beauty Picks

Happy happy Saturday!! I hope you all had a great week. I feel like this week I probably would have lost my head if it wasn’t attached, so I am glad that it is the weekend to say the least.

When I try something that I love, it would be a waste for me not to share it. I’ve added a few new things into my routine this fall, that I am definitely going to continue using through the winter. If you are in the market for any of these types of goodies, these are my picks!!



1. Goldwell Color Glow Shampoo Love Brown and Conditioner

Goldwell is the brand my stylist uses to color and highlight my hair. I’ve been using this brand with her for a little over a year now, and I really love the way it lasts, and looks on my hair. I decided to try the shampoo after my last visit, and I am never turning back. It’s very concentrated so you only need a tiny bit (which means it’s going to last you forever). If you are a brunette or have light brown highlights, this is such a great option. It’s a really luxurious hair brand, but won’t break your wallet.







2. Hydropeptide AquaBoost Oil Free Moisturizer

I love this stuff!! I am someone who has combination skin, so sometimes it’s oily and sometimes its dry depending on it’s mood that day. This product gives my skin the perfect amount of moisture and dewiness, without ever looking greasy.  I wear it under my cc cream, or alone, and its exceeded my expectations. My skin just overall looks and feels better since I’ve added this to my regime. Quick funny story about this guy, I used it for the first time after exfoliating not realizing it had hyaluronic acid in it (which is so good for your skin, read about it). Let’s just say I turned a bit red, a bit hot, took a bit of benadryl and ended up asleep at 7:30pm. Do not exfoliate before using this, it will burn and make you red!



































3. Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel


For some reason, I usually wake up in the morning looking like I got punched in the face. The puffy dark under eyes is a never ending saga. After much research, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s really hard to cure dark under eyes because it’s mainly hereditary. However, the puffiness is something you can combat. I LOVE this gel by Olay. I look forward to putting in on in the morning because it’s so cooling and refreshing. I really see a difference with the puffiness and overall look around my eyes. It sits beautifully under makeup, or on its own.






































4. It cosmetics CC cream


I have to share this magical product that is arguably the greatest thing to ever happen to me in regards to cosmetics. This is THE.BEST. face makeup product I’ve ever tried. You still look like you, your skin still looks like your skin. It’s not going to cover your cute freckles, or perfectly get rid of the pimple of your forehead. But, it does a great job at giving an overall medium coverage, mixed with a perfect glow, mixed with lasting all day, mixed with SPF 50. Do yourself a favor and get yourself this product. I mean even Vogue is talking about it.






































5. Hydropeptide Perfecting Gloss – Lip Enhancing Treatment


I love a good lipgloss, but sticky, yucky lipgloss could drive me crazy. This is such a smooth, luxurious gloss. It has a teeny sting to it because it’s also working to plump your lips, but nothing crazy or unnatural feeling. I swear this lipgloss will blow your mind. Hydropeptide has amazing ingredients in their products, so your lips are getting nourished at the same time too. I added this to my Hydropeptide collection recently on top of their face wash, hydrator, and lash growth serum.





























Thanks so much for spending a bit of your Saturday with me, I hope you loved this post!