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My 8 Week Tribe Challenge

While my first day at WM seems to be yesterday, the end of this academic year will arrive in just eight weeks. I recently heard of a everyday poem challenge, so I plan to achieve some before leaving the campus for summer. Check out the following as what I attempt to do during the eight weeks!


Although I cannot give up on animal-based food, I am trying to shift to a mainly vegetarian diet. While sticking to eggs, fish, beef, and chicken, I will stop having pork, honey, and cheese. My voracious appetite to vegetables will not detach me from Greek yogurt, but I will consume more soymilk as an alternative to milk.

My sweet tooth has inspired me to compose several poems for my creative writing course, yet I should not indulge it any more. During the challenge, I will unrelentingly isolate myself from ice cream, desserts, sugary drinks, and sweet dishes. I will only satisfy my desire to sweetness through fruits.

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I will involve more seed products in my diet. I notice Sadler serves flax, chia, and sunflower seeds. I am curious what a spoon of seeds into my stomach can do.

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Another big difference I crave is to introduce warm drinking water into my meals. Countless people have suggested that I should drink plain warm water every meal for miscellaneous benefits. Let’s see whether this legend is that magical.


The whole idea of challenging myself in the eight weeks came from a daily poem challenge, and I will definitely customize it into my routine. In addition to the two or three poems required for my weekly poetry course, I hope to write one more every week. Three poems every week will build a rich portfolio by the end of this semester.

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I once wrote about harm of staying up late, so my action will be consistent with my writings. Most of the time, I sleep at around 10:30 pm. This time, I will challenge myself to sleep before 10:20 pm every day. Ten minutes make a giant leap!

I am a huge procrastinator of packing my suitcase(s). I do not want to repeat the same “mission impossible” I had for winter and spring breaks. I am going to pack suitcases two weeks before the summer break!

Last but not least, I promise to write for Her Campus every week!

Self challenges could be easy as I am the only policy maker. The tasks could be also overwhelming since every new rule targets my weaknesses. I believe trying something new during the time left may make a big difference to me and potentially people around. I cannot wait to see a different Xuanxuan after eight weeks!


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