Kenny Ortega: Visionary

This is Kenny Ortega. 

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You may not instantly recognize his name, but he is responsible for the childhood memories of so many millennials. You see, Mr. Ortega directed and choreographed all three of the High School Musical movies. And while directing those three cinematic masterpieces is impressive enough, we need to talk about the vision that is High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

In this film, Mr. Ortega not only wrapped up one of the greatest film trilogies of all time, but he was also able to gaze a decade into the future and predict the trends and emotions that would be relevant in 2018. Let’s take a look. 

Kenny Ortega was able to foresee trends in culture, such as selfies and a preoccupation with yoga. 

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Just look at Zac Efron honing that side plank so he can be ready for a selfie with *the* Sharpay Evans. 

Ortega was also able to predict how prom trends (such as the promposal) would be taken to the next level!

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Chad's very public promposal to Taylor may very well be the first in recorded history. 

Kenny Ortega just knew the fashion trends that would captivate the 2010s—remember the hi-lo dress fad?  

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There was a reason Sharpay was my fashion inspiration in middle school. 

And let’s be honest, Kenny Ortega's cinematography low-key probably inspired Christopher Nolan’s Inception

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High School Musical 3 came out in October 2008. Inception came out in July 2010. I'm just saying...

Kenny Ortega’s second sight was not limited to mainstream culture but included seeing the future of his young cast. For example, he saw Vanessa Hudgens’s boho phase long before the rest of America. 

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He just knew that Zac Efron would one day make two films with Robert DeNiro. 

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Efron would appear in New Year's Eve and Dirty Grandpa with DeNiro. He would also impersonate him in Neighbors. 

Kenny Ortega just knew the confusion Zac Efron would face when deciding if he wanted to make more bro comedies or return to musicals

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Come back to the side of musicals, Zac. You know you want to. 

And are we sure Kenny Ortega didn’t choreograph Zac Efron’s latest film, The Greatest Showman? 

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Seriously, did anyone double check to make sure Kenny Ortega's name wasn't in the credits?

I mean, Zac and Zendaya are essentially doing what Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron did nine years earlier. 

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And did James Corden get Kenny Ortega to help with his latest Crosswalk: The Musical? Those moves look awfully familiar. 

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And, how exactly did Kenny Ortega know to choreograph the rage every William and Mary student feels when they climb the steps of Morton for the third time in a single day. 

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Basically, Kenny Ortega is a visionary who deserves more recognition for his impact on popular culture.

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