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It’s Totally Brrr in the ‘Burg: The Top 5 Coats for Fall


With all of the crazy weather that’s been going on in Williamsburg recently, you don’t want to be at a loss over what to wear, especially when it comes to outerwear. Whether it’s a brisk 55 degree day or randomly 70 and sunny, don’t get caught with the wrong jacket.

  1. Lightweight trench. You know what I’m talking about- those classic Williamsburg days that are rainy, warm, and humid, even in the middle of November. Even though it’s warm, you still may want an outer layer to protect your outfit from raindrops and to pull your look together. A cotton trench is the perfect solution, and is light enough to not make you overheat in the humidity. Pair with a cotton sweater, jeans, and glossy Wellies.
  2. Puffer vest. Don’t be wary of trying out a vest this fall! They’re super versatile, which is key for transitioning from a cold morning to a semi-chilly afternoon. They can also work for a range of styles, from sporty to preppy. Pair with a cable knit sweater or button down shirt, dark jeans, and riding boots or casual flats depending on your mood.
  3. Classic peacoat. One of the most iconic pieces of outerwear, the peacoat is a staple that’s perfect for chillier days around campus. The length of peacoats varies, but one that hits at the hip is a perfect length over everything from a sweater dress to jeans. Pair with a coordinating scarf for a touch of your personal style.
  4. Cape. Don’t let the word “cape” make you think of a superhero. Capes are more of a fashion coat, similar to a single-breasted coat but in a wide, flared cut. Some are more poncho-like and don’t have sleeves, while others are more of a coat hybrid and do have sleeves. Either way, they’re a fun alternative and are definitely more unexpected. Pair with a slim-fitting sweater dress, tights, and ankle booties for a dressier day.
  5. Tweed blazer. Probably the preppiest piece of outerwear you can throw on, a tweed blazer is about as “classic fall” as you can get. They look great over pretty much everything since they’re so classic, and there are tons of options when it comes to color and fabric. Pair with anything from a casual jeans outfit to a more professional ensemble.
Gabrielle is a senior at the College of William & Mary and is a biology major with a premed focus. She is President of Her Campus W&M for the 2012-2013 school year, and was formerly a writer and Fashion & Beauty Editor. Other than Her Campus Gabrielle is a member of Delta Gamma, the undergrad student representative for one of W&M's college planning committees, and a brand ambassador for British clothing and lifestyle brand Jack Wills. She loves summering in Nantucket and doing her dog's hair, and her guilty pleasure is watching cheeky British reality show The Only Way Is Essex.
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