I Went to a Concert at a Racetrack

Yesterday at about 2pm, a friend from my sorority said that she was supposed to go to the Lumineers concert in Richmond, but her friend couldn’t go anymore. I said I’d gladly take the extra ticket, and we were on our way in a few hours.

I’ve only been to a few concerts in my life, so I was excited for the chance to escape campus and see a great band. The show was at Richmond International Raceway, so it was very different from the venues in New Jersey I was used to. I had to park on grass, which was quite the adventure.

Once we got inside, it was about two hours before the band came on, so we got some food and listened to the crowd around us. There were people of all ages, so it was fun to people watch. The Lumineers themselves were awesome. I forgot how fun it is to hear live music and feel the energy of the crowd. I was so glad I spontaneously decided to come!

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