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How To Stay Healthy This Flu Season

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With the latest flu epidemic upon us, it’s important to take the precautionary steps in order to keep yourself healthy during this season. We all have been told to wash our hands regularly ever since elementary school, but there are other steps you probably look past and that doctors seem to glance over that might help save your life.


Drinking tea helps boost your antioxidant levels to protect your body from harmful diseases that could potentially turn into cancers. While all the different flavors may sound awesome to try, the best ones for you are the teas that aren’t herbally infused. They’re the all natural teas like Green, Black, and Lemon.

Vitamin C:

This simple vitamin you can take every morning, energizes your immune system for the day. This supplement is especially important if you are worried you are not fulfilling your daily fruit and vegetable consumption. A healthy immune system will be able to work all the harder to get over the common cold and protect your body from harmful diseases that are constantly attacking it. These vitamins can be bought at your local convenience store or drugstore for a fair price. (Through my experimenting, any brand will do!)

Hand Sanitizer:

Whether in class, at the gym, or simply driving around, you are always in constant contact with germs, either harmful or helpful. As another precautionary measure, it’s a good idea to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you and apply regularly. Especially during this flu season, it’s hard to know whether those you’re coming into contact with are sick or are getting sick. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. (Obviously (or maybe not, boys!), this is NOT a replacement for washing your hands!)

Stay Active:

Maintaining an active lifestyle will also help you stay strong, so it will be less likely for germs to attack and take over your body, making you sick. I know, I know we all hate going to the gym and think it’s a hassle, myself included. However, this simple activity will not only help you physically, but also mentally. (Not to mention it serves as a great study break!)


I think this one comes without saying but let me explain my reasoning. Girls, we’ve all been there. “I’m just going to take a body shower because I washed my hair yesterday and it’s not good to wash all the natural oils out of it.” I totally get it, I’m not disagreeing with you. However, when you think about it your hair can capture a TON of germs that then rubs up against your face throughout the day and can therefore make you sick. Showering on a daily basis can keep your body pure and clean from all the people and things you come in contact with every day. (Trust me on this one.)

Fruit - Oranges:

Though Vitamin C will give you a lot of the nutrients already in many fruits and vegetables, you shouldn’t substitute it in for the real thing. In particular, oranges “...strengthen your emotional body, encouraging a general feeling of joy, well-being, and cheerfulness” (Tae Yun Kim, care2.com). Eating fruits, especially oranges, will give your body the natural sustenance the great Mother Nature provides for us. Love your body, love your mother. And your other mother will be so proud of you!

Drink Water:

Staying hydrated, especially during flu season, will help flush out all the toxins your body holds throughout the day. This is a great way to neutralize your body and help to keep it well and healthy.


Since you’ve made it all the way to my last suggestion of how to stay healthy, here’s a tip I know everyone will gladly take part in - get your fair share of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep will force your body into overdrive and make it overwork to keep you up and active throughout the day. This lack of sleep will therefore make your body let down it’s guard against the many invading germs. It’s good to know how much sleep you need each night in order to be able to function effectively the following day. We have all been told the average amount of sleep everyone needs per night is 8 hours, however, you may need more (like me) or less depending on how you treat your body. Pay attention to how you respond each morning to determine how much sleep you need. Trust me, your body will thank you!


I hope this guide helps prevent illness. These are all great tips to keep in mind not just during flu season, but throughout during all times of the year, whether you are sick or not, to keep your body in prime condition so that you can take on the day!

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