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How to Ace Meeting the Parents on Thanksgiving

Perhaps this semester has been a success; you’ve scored yourself a campus cutie and things are now reaching serious new heights.  He invited you have Thanksgiving dinner with his family.  THIS is a big one.  The Thanksgiving invite brings your relationship to a whole new level, and now you’ve got to make a good impression. The amount of calories in a slice of pumpkin pie is now the LEAST of your worries.  Instead, here’s what you should be keeping in mind:
Be Cleavage Conscious.  We females always feel confident in a push-up bra and a fitted V-neck sweater (especially when trying to impress our man), but once parents are involved, it’s smart to tone the cleavage level down.  There are plenty of ways to be fashionable and respectable at the same time. You want to look nice for the family, while also maintaining that subtle, sexy edge so your man is eager to show you off.  Keep in mind that it’s polite to take your shoes off in the house, so you may want to schedule a pedi ASAP!
Earn Brownie Points from the Get-go. Whether it’s a homemade pie, a bottle of wine, or a dinner table centerpiece, bringing a gift is always a smart move.  This is a way to say “Thanks” and impress his family from the minute they greet you at the door.  Remember, the first impression is key.
Offer a Helping Hand: Earn more brownie points by offering to help his mom, grandma, etc. in the kitchen.  Don’t invade their space or be pushy about it, but if they accept, this is a great way to get to know them.  Plus, it will really make you feel like part of the family.  There’s nothing like letting your man get a peek at how things could be for years to come…if he plays his cards right.
Break the silence. The best way to avoid awkward silence is to keep the conversation flowing.  Ask his family members to tell stories about your man when he was younger. MOMS DIG THIS.  You probably don’t need any other conversation tips because she will most likely take this opportunity and run with it for the rest of night.  Just in case though, you can always talk about your family, your plans for the future, and activities you like to do  (WITHOUT BRAGGING!).  Present yourself as a well-rounded girl who has goals in mind, but with a relaxed, down-to-earth demeanor.
Grin and Bear It.  So what if the food tastes like crap? EAT IT ANYWAY.  This is your chance to get in good with the family, so don’t ruin it by hurting their feelings.  Start of by taking small portions of everything so you can give it a taste-test first.  The same advice goes if you end up feeling bored out of your mind.  Just grin and bear it girl, you’re paying your dues.
Be the master of Giving Thanks. If his family partakes in that awkward “lets go around the table and discuss what we’re thankful for” moment, you need to be prepared.  Think about what you’ll say ahead of time.  Make sure you include something about the fact that they invited you to their home.  For example, “I’m thankful that I am lucky enough to spend this holiday with such a wonderful group of people, and that you all have so kindly welcomed me into your home.”  SCORE!  And the brownie points have shot off the charts!  Congratulations, my friend.
Keep it in your pants. Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is the issue of PDA.  How comfortable is too comfortable? I’d say you should be able to follow your man’s lead, as he should know what is and isn’t acceptable among his family.  Overall, your gut intuition is probably the most reliable.  Tongue action on Thanksgiving?  Don’t fall for that one, even if he tells you its fine. Either way though, its probably best to keep the limit at holding hands and maybe a peck on the cheek or lips. Also, try not to cling to him like a dependent puppy.  You’ll make a better impression by mingling with everyone in the family and giving off that fun, sociable vibe.
So, ladies: Follow this advice and you’re in there like turkey stuffing (too visual?).  There’s no need to feel nervous anymore because you’ve got this one in the bag!  Now go make some marvelous first impressions, you trophy gal, you. 

Kelsey is a junior majoring in Marketing at the College of William and Mary. She is currently involved in a telecommuting internship for Polina Fashion, where she is the PR Assistant in charge of social media. In addition, she is co-president of her school's Student Marketing Association. Kelsey strives to be the change that she wants to see in the world, and is avidly involved in organizations such as Invisible Children, STAND, and Students for Stop Hunger Now. When she finds time to relax, Kelsey loves music and being outdoors, whether at the beach or camping in the mountains. She hopes to travel the world throughout her lifetime and plans to study abroad in Budapest, Hungary this summer. Most importantly, there is nothing that Kelsey adores more than spending quality time with the people she loves.
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