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Give Me Back the Grocery Store

In this month’s Cosmo, under the “Cosmo Life” section, the editors recommend grocery stores as a new spot to pick up guys. They suggest that maybe the reason you’re still single is because you’re limiting yourself to only meeting guys in bars. Instead, you should dress up and hit the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon in order to meet a guy doing his weekly shopping.

Not only does that mean I need to give up valuable couch and lounging time on one of my few days off a week, but you’re telling me I actually need to put on make-up and cute clothes to go to the grocery store? The grocery store?! To browse the frozen foods section and fill my cart with Lean Cuisines, because, as Cosmo so aptly puts it, “I’m still single”?
First of all, I’d like to think I’m still single because the right guy hasn’t come along yet, not because I don’t dress up to go to the grocery store or that I limit myself to only picking up guys in a drunken haze at a bar. Besides, the right guy will like me no matter what I wear to the grocery store (preferably his sweatshirt and a pair of jeans).
But beyond that, who am I to stage a meet-cute? If I happen to be at the grocery store picking out dinner for the night, and I stumble upon a guy in the frozen foods section, and our eyes meet, and we reach for the same Lean Cuisine at the same time, and then end up eating dinner together at the convenient restaurant next to the grocery store, so be it. We’ll laugh later about how we met in the frozen food section, just like a movie. But I’m not going to troll the grocery store every weekend, looking for the poor single guy who is desperately trying to figure out the easiest thing to cook for himself because he’s sick of eating take-out every night and he drunkenly finished his last box of Ramen. Please. I have a little more self-respect than that. I’d like to enjoy my right to go to the grocery store in whatever I happen to be wearing, be it sweats, workout apparel, professional attire, or even last night’s themed-outfit, and shop without trying to impress a guy. I’ve heard that confidence is the most attractive feature anyways, so I’m going to strut my stuff in my sweats and let the boys come to me. And if not, whatevs, I can always go back to the bar and try my luck there!

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