Folklore Won Album of the Year - What Song Should You Listen to Based on Your Fav Folklore Song?

Ever since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with Taylor Swift. I was there for her genre switch from country, to pop, to pop-rock, to pop, and to indie-pop. Here is the old Taylor Swift jam you should listen to based on your favorite song from the Folklore album!


The 1 - Love Story

Cardigan - The Story of Us

The last great american dynasty - Picture To Burn

Exile - I Know Places

My tears ricochet - Dear John

Mirrorball - Cold As You

Seven - Long Live

August - How You Get The Girl

This is me trying - State Of Grace

Illicit affairs - Haunted

Invisible string - Stay Stay Stay

Mad woman - Tim McGraw

Epiphany - Enchanted

Betty - Mine

Peace  - The Lucky One

Hoax - Invisible