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Campus Cutie: Joe Stewart

Joe is an exchange student from the UK and with his cute British accent we thought you might want to get to know him better!

Home university? The University of Exeter

Hometown? Rochester, Kent. It’s in the southeast of England!

Major? I’m an English major, and I love it.

Year? In America, I’m a sophomore!

Why did you choose W&M for your year abroad?

I chose William and Mary after reading a blog written by two previous Exeter students about their experience. It looked absolutely beautiful, I liked the idea of a small, historic campus, and who could possibly dislike Williamsburg? So far, it’s lived up to my expectations.

What are you getting involved with on campus?

Way too much! At the activities fair I became a bit of a kid-in-a-sweet-shop and ended up signing up to around 15 societies. I’ve since cut a few, and am now involved primarily with the Sailing Club, the wonderful Front Porch Society, and WCWM, the College’s radio station. I’ve met some great people by getting involved and should have my own radio show soon, which is super exciting. Not like that’s a plug or anything.

How would you describe your style?

I’m more used to other people describing my style, really, and wouldn’t honestly say I aim for a ‘look’, but I’m a fan of vintage clothing and, more recently, brighter colors like yellows and orange. The color orange really doesn’t get enough recognition. If I’m not going anywhere special, I’ll probably just go for a plain shirt or band t-shirt, and if I have to get dressed up, I’m a pretty big fan of loafers and striped shirts. You might see some short shorts, too. Don’t judge.

Who’s your favorite band?

Favorite band is a tough question! I’m really into music so this changes all the time, but right now I would probably say Alex G. He’s just released a full length called “DSU” that’s really worth checking out! I’ve also been really into African music recently– listen to S.E Rogie and you’ll be chilled out for a week.

Ideal Girl

Three things you look for in a girl?

The first would be personality. Cliché I know, but if you can laugh at yourself and embrace the world around you, you’re probably a great person to spend time with. Secondly, I think having interests is important. When someone is really passionate about something, it excites everyone around them. Finally, I’d look for a sense of style. Fashion doesn’t really matter, but dressing well and thinking about how you come across seems to me an important aspect of a person’s character.

Perfect first date?

My perfect first date would be a casual one, where you can talk to the person and really learn a bit about who they are. I like the idea of going for a walk somewhere scenic, maybe taking some lunch. If you’re talkative, things shouldn’t be awkward and you can actually have some fun!

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Emma Watson. Like the rest of the UK. Or Sarah Rafferty from Suits.

First thing you notice about a girl?

The first thing I like to think I notice is whether someone is genuine or not. Being honest about yourself and your interests is really important, and is far more attractive than constructing a front for yourself.

Pick a song that best describes your love life!

My Heart Will Go On? Nah, that’s a total lie. I really like God Only Knows by The Beach Boys; I think the lyrics are really heartfelt, and it’s undeniably a classic.

And for the American girls wondering… could you ever have a long distance relationship?

I think I’d be wary of one. It does depend on the person and the situation, but usually it doesn’t seem fair on either party. Skype isn’t quite the same as face-to-face conversation! But I have a lot of respect for people that do manage to keep them up for long periods of time.

And finally, what’s top of your year abroad bucket list?

The top of my year abroad bucket list is to sit on the same bench as Forrest Gump in Savannah and tell somebody my year abroad in full.Realistically, I’d just like to feel that I’ve experienced as much of William & Mary and the States as possible. It’s a fantastic opportunity being here; I’m incredibly lucky and I’m trying to make the most of it!

Exchange student from Nottingham University in the UK currently studying American Studies and English at William and Mary. Aspiring PR and marketing queen.
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