Campus Cutie: Annie Berman

Name: Annie Berman

Class: Sophomore

Major: Anthropology

Why she's a campus cutie: "Annie is one of the cutest, most underrated girls on campus, and has a smile that'll make your heart melt." -Anonymous

Three words that describe Annie: "sassy, fun, sweet"

Relationship Status: Single!

What are you involved in on campus? Chi Omega, Tribe Ambassadors, AMP

What is your ideal date? Hiking with a picnic on the way

Favorite thing about William and Mary: I love laying out on the sunken gardens and watching the weddings that take place at Wren.

Celebrity crush: Jake Gyllenhaal or Liam Payne

Best and Worst quality in a guy: I really like it when a guy is driven. It's great to see someone who really knows what they want and go after it. My biggest turn offs are trying too hard and gelled hair.

Song that describes your life: Timber- Ke$ha's my idol.