Campus Celebrity: Natalie Rowland, '21


Natalie Rowland


Freshman, Class of 2021


Los Angeles, CA (specifically Woodland Hills)

Prospective Major(s):    

Undecided!!! But maybe Film Studies, maybe Hispanic Studies, Anthropology? maybe something I haven’t even taken a class in yet!

Activities on Campus:

WCWM (radio club), AMP (Homebrew), I do little shows here and there like I performed at a Homebrew and I do open mic nights at the Meridian.

Describe Yourself in Three Words:

Gravitational, effervescent, and stout

Go-To Starbucks Order:

Tall Iced Caramel Macchiato

Favorite Color:


Favorite Book:

Cornelia and the Audacious Escapade of the Somerset Sisters

Favorite Movie:

Not Waving but Drowning, Amelie, We Bought a Zoo, Ratatouille, Nacho Libre, The Royal Tenenbaums


Singing, songwriting, filmmaking, creating any art, watching movies, hearing stories, talking to strangers

Career Goals:

Goodness! I do not know what career it is but, something that allows me to travel the whole world and be with people and talk to people. Something that allows me to collect stories and write stories. I want to be an artist of some kind, any kind.

What is one thing on your bucket list? 

To go to India

Plan for This Summer:

I would love to get a job, I have no idea what kind of job! Or an internship, but I think it is too late to apply for those and all. I will just be staying at home in LA and hanging out with my friends. My family is having a reunion on Fourth of July weekend, so that will be fun!

Traveling Experience:

I used to go to Mexico every year as a kid because my grandma lived there (I’ve been to Rosarito and Cancun). I’ve also been to Maui a bunch of times, and some other states. New York, Arizona (Sedona, The Grand Canyon). New Orleans is one of my favorite places!

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

This is kind of a little thing, but everyone thinks my favorite color is yellow, and when I tell them my favorite color is orange, they aren’t too surprised. They’re just surprised that it’s not yellow.

Describe your perfect day in Williamsburg:

Ideally it would be Saturday and Sunday so I could wake up and go to the farmer’s market, but also go to the Second Sunday arts festival flea market-y event. Then I would probably sit for a while and listen to music and watch people walk and go as far down into Colonial Williamsburg as I can with a Cider in hand. I love when it’s Christmas and everything is set up, but spring is also beautiful too. Maybe as I’m walking the seasons could change right before my eyes. Then I would go into the Governor’s Palace and have a picnic for myself, with food I bought from the farmer’s market. I’d watch the sunset as I walk back to wherever home is.

Favorite Restaurant in the ‘Burg:

Oishi or Retros or Cheese Shop

Your favorite memory from your time here:

In the beginning of fall, first semester, there was a really big and beautiful lightning storm so me and my friend Peter went to the Sunken Garden to lay down and just watch the sky and it’s purple lightning. Our backs got soaked but it was so fun and made me feel simultaneously small and big.

Your tips for newcomers to William and Mary:

Try everything, do everything so you don’t look back and regret all that you haven’t done. Talk to as many people as you possibly can, but always be yourself. Jump at every opportunity that seems even remotely intriguing to you.

What is your favorite thing about William and Mary?

Its quaintness, its superstitions, its history and traditions, its aggravating weather, its beautiful flowers, its quietness, its people, it. 

If you were President of the College for a day, what would you do?

I would open my house door for anyone to come in and encourage everyone to stop by and talk to me. Maybe I would host a tea party or a very fancy dinner, or let anyone take a bath – because baths are what I miss most from home. I would just want to talk to as many students that would want to talk to me!

Thumbnail Image Courtesy of Natalie Rowland