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Campus Celebrity: Brianna Buch ’15

Name: Brianna Buch

Year: 2015

Major: Biology and Government

Hometown: This is a difficult question… I consider Sterling, VA to be my hometown, but I’m currently splitting my time between here and London, where I work and spend my summers. I also lived in India for the first 3 years of my life, so it has a special place in my heart!

What are you involved in on campus?: Student Partnership for International Medical Aid (SPIMA) (I’m the trip leader for next year!), Campus Kitchens, Sharpe Scholar program (Make a Difference Day), Intervarsity, Steer Clear, and undergrad research in bio and gov.

Tell us more about SPIMA: SPIMA is one of the branch out trips and it goes to Ghana every summer. We were there for about a month right after graduation, during which we worked with the community to build a public toilet, volunteered in the health center, and taught in the school. I got involved with SPIMA because I strongly believe in the work the organization does- before going into the community, our previous trip leaders spend time in Ghana surveying the villagers to see what they needed most. The response was a public toilet and that is how we ended up working on the project. At any rate, it was the highlight of my freshman year, from the people on the team and the community we stayed with to Ghana’s awesome scenery. As you can probably tell, a piece of my heart is still there!

How would you describe your personal style?: Pretty casual. One unique thing is that I love to buy my outfits in street markets, especially in London. A lot of the vendors design and make their own clothes and if you know how to shop, you can find the most beautiful handmade outfits. Plus, let’s be honest, the bartering is a lot of fun.

What is the best thing about W&M?: The opportunities that undergrads have, and how accessible the professors are. This past year, I got coffee regularly with my professors, visited their houses and could talk with them openly. You don’t feel like you’re being moved through a system, but that they actively care about you. I love that about W&M!

Do you have a fun fact about yourself?: Hmm well…I’m not really a model, but I did some shots for a salon which are now in a book! So, look for me next time you’re getting your hair done. And (I just recently learned) an old cheer picture of mine is on the wall of an Applebee’s in Richmond, no idea how they got my picture or why its up but hey, how many people can eat their dinner next to a picture of them? That’s pretty cool.

She’s also a rapper!: Oh, I can rap all the words to “Stronger” by Kanye and so can my brother, Ben (W&M Class of ’12). Sometimes we do it as a duet. 

Gabrielle is a senior at the College of William & Mary and is a biology major with a premed focus. She is President of Her Campus W&M for the 2012-2013 school year, and was formerly a writer and Fashion & Beauty Editor. Other than Her Campus Gabrielle is a member of Delta Gamma, the undergrad student representative for one of W&M's college planning committees, and a brand ambassador for British clothing and lifestyle brand Jack Wills. She loves summering in Nantucket and doing her dog's hair, and her guilty pleasure is watching cheeky British reality show The Only Way Is Essex.
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