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Brit Picks: Top 5 TV Picks

As a Brit, I have noticed a lot of Americans seem to really love British TV – there seems to be a lot of love for Skins, Dr. Who and Top Gear (a random assortment guys!). I have decided to take it upon myself to show you some other British shows that are popular across the pond (and just as good as Skins).

The Inbetweeners – Possibly the favourite show of 99% of college-aged people. This hilarious show follows a group of four boys in their last year at school before they go to university and follows their excessively awkward social life.  It’s so good they even made a movie (WARNING: If you don’t like crude humor don’t watch this…you may be slightly shocked.)

Made in Chelsea – If you like The Hills, Jersey Shore and other reality shows you will like Made in Chelsea. This show follows the super rich, often incredibly obnoxious young residents of Chelsea (very posh area of London for those who may not know). It is pretty addictive. It’s probably not as good as your reality shows it must be said but it’s still worth a watch!

The Only Way is Essex – If Made in Chelsea is The Hills then The Only Way is Essex can only be compared to Jersey Shore. Following the ‘glamorous’ lives of people who live in Essex (notorious for ‘chavs’ and party girls – also my home county!!). It’s interesting, you will learn a lot (Vajazzles – take note) and it will certainly give you an insight into a different sort of England – it needs to be seen to be believed. Watch if you enjoy fake tan and leopard print (AND now the first two seasons are on HULU so the New York Times tells me – there is no excuse).

Outnumbered – Another gem from the BBC, a comedy show about a family with three kids who’s lack of tack and inappropriate behaviour seem to always get them in trouble. The kids are cute and hilarious. This is probably the closest thing we have to Modern Family…but it’s very different.

Gavin and Stacey – I imagine many of you might have already heard/watched Gavin and Stacey here in the US. Probably one of the most popular comedy shows in Britain in the last 10 years so I am sure it has been on BBC America. For those who don’t know the show follows the long distance relationship of Gavin (again from Essex) and his girlfriend Stacey who lives in Wales. Probably the most quoted show in the UK for three years so watch it!!

And if none of those did it for you check out The Mighty Boosh, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and Hollyoaks – Just some more Brit Hits. Hopefully this will have provided you with enough procrastination material until at least Thanksgiving!

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