Big’s Guide to Clue Week: 10 Gifts Under $10

1.  Reasons Why Big Loves You Jar

This is a great, personalized gift to give your little. Find a glass jar and decorate it however you like using ribbons, glitter, buttons, etc. Write things you love about your little on pieces of cardstock or fold notecards with “When You’re Feeling…” notes. Your little is sure to appreciate it and can always look through them if she’s having a bad day.

2.  Mini Scrapbook

Collect your art supplies, buy cardstock, print some pictures, and compile a mini scrapbook for your little. A more elaborate version will be more costly, but you can reduce expenses with a little creativity. You can generally find scrapbooks on sale at Michaels or other craft stores for $5.00.

3.  My Big Loves Me Bracelet

The Children’s Well Being Club is selling “My Big Loves Me” bracelets in personalized sorority colors. These bands are ADORABLE, only $3 and support a great cause. Contact Diana Otoya for more information at [email protected] or (540) 931-4722.

4.  Sorority Shirts

Graduating members in your family probably have a lot of shirts to pass down for your little. This is a great gift: it's practical and fun. Plus, you can never have too many shirts or sorority apparel!

5.  Monogrammed Bows

Make your own or buy one online—monogrammed bows are a great accessory. You have a lot of freedom in the style, colors, and how you monogram them. You can even make matching big/little ones!

6.  Pillows/Blanket

There are many simple tutorials online to sew a basic pillow or blanket. Find a soft fabric with a fun print and you’re already halfway there. This was one of my favorite gifts—pillows and blankets are both useful and make a cute decorative piece.

7.  Wooden Letters

You can get cut-out letters for $4 on average at many craft stores. Use your creativity—you can cover them in fabric, glitter, or paint in a variety of designs. You also have the option of making your little sorority letters or monogrammed to their initials.

8.  Painted Frames, Bulletin Boards, and Paddles

Frames, boards, and paddles are fun to make and are a great addition to your little’s clue week basket. Personalize a quote or use one of these fun Big Little sayings.

9.  Gift in a Gift (in a Gift)

Choose a small gift, like jewelry or an eye mask, and wrap it in a box. You can usually find something cute but inexpensive at Claire’s in your sorority’s symbols. Wrap it multiple times, but in each wrapping put a small card with a message or pieces of her favorite candy. This twist in basic gift wrapping makes for a fun gift opening experience.

10.  Homemade Treats

Baked goods are delicious, enough said. Find a simple recipe online and decorate them with your sorority’s symbols. Invest in some fun cookie cutters or colorful frosting to top off a cupcake.