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5 Films and Television Dramas From Asia

Are you looking for relaxation in this stressful period or something to watch during summer break? I have a list of Asian films and TV dramas to recommend to you!

Three Idiots

Don’t judge the book by its cover. This film is much more engaging than its title. By portraying college education in India, the comedy-drama full of ups and downs teaches the audience that if you pursue your dreams, success will follow.

Midnight Diner

This Japanese TV series is adapted from the manga of the same name. The stories take place at a small restaurant, which opens from 12 am to 7 am. Each episode revolves around one type of food which a customer has strong attachment to. This emotionally healing TV drama motivates the viewers to appreciate daily life, in which some elements can be out of the ordinary.

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Our Times

This romance movie from Taiwan uses high school days as its setting. An ordinary girl is connected to the school’s bully since they both hope to break up a couple. Their alliance later evolves into another type of feeling. The work does an excellent job depicting a subtle concept: unconditionally standing by one’s side.

Rooftop Prince

How would you react if you traveled to the future where you saw familiar faces and technologies beyond your imagination? This comedy television drama from South Korea may offer a possible solution. In this fantasy romance, a crown prince travels 300 years into the 21st century Seoul and falls onto the female protagonist’s rooftop house. I like the series because it is uniquely fun and sad.

A Bite of China (Season 1)

This Chinese documentary TV series focuses on the story behind various Chinese foods from different regions. The titles of the episodes are attractive: a blend of five flavors, inspiration for change, and so on. Do not watch it at late night; otherwise, you would crave those foods too much!


Take a moment to lose yourself in the above and explore the diverse cultures in Asia!


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