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What’s a sidequest? Where you do something random but fun, alone… I’m an expert at them so, here’s your 101 guide to go about them!

If you have clicked on this article, it is probably because you want to do something fun, maybe you need some ideas for it! Or you’re absolutely confused about what a sidequest is and are curious to find it out… Don’t worry! I’ll explain both!

For the last few years of my life, I’ve done things like randomly going on walks, or going to a cafe or anything in that realm. Sometimes I’ll look at a map, pick a random place and go there. Other times it’s something I see on TikTok, or just a roam around. In any case, a few months ago my friends started calling my little mini adventures my “side quests”. And somehow throughout this, in the last few months, I have made my sidequests my entire identity. But you can’t blame me (I mean people have messaged me telling me how much they have been inspired to do things like that…). 

In any case, this is my 101 guide on how to go on a sidequest, if you so desire!

 Find your quest!

No sidequest can start without first choosing your quest! I recommend deciding based on what you want to do! For example, if you’re craving food, check TikTok (type in your location and ice cream for example to get good recommendations!). Or, just scan Google Maps until something catches your eye (this is my personal go to!). You can also always revisit an old favorite (another classic you can’t go wrong with!). 

The journey there!

The journey is a huge part of a sidequest! Sometimes, the journey is what even makes a side quest! Depending on the distance, you need to choose whether to walk or bus or even drive. I don’t have a car, so I normally choose to walk or take the bus. I prefer walking since you never know what you will find along the way (could be some more surprises!) But if the destination is too far I take the bus. This is simple, plug it into Google Maps, or just walk in what you assume is the correct direction and hope to get there…but that one isn’t as reliable). Once you have figured out your route, it’s time to head off! The journey is such a fun part, and if you’re walking you get to see so many cool things en route! I always look for cutesy things that I can take photos of to later share with others! And if I’m using public transportation I normally put some headphones in and listen to some music to romanticize my life while observing my surroundings. And if I had a car… the karaoke music sessions would be insane. 

The Destination!

Congratulations!! You have made it to your destination! Now depending on what your destination is, for me personally that would then depend on what I would do there. And sometimes the entire side quest has no destination, it’s just a walk, which is amazing too! Obviously, the main part of a sidequest is to do something that would make you happy and brighten your mood while having an adventure! So once you have arrived, do whatever would do just that! However here are some ideas/examples for things I would do in certain situations! 

  • Sunset watching: good vibey music (the Difference by Flume, that’s the type of vibey song I always go for!) 
  • Cafe/bakery visit: get baked goods! Eat it, try it (maybe even film a silly review for my friends). Then probably stay in that area for a bit, get a coffee, watch some Netflix, do some homework, etc! 
  • Some type of nature/garden/park: These all vary by so much! But if it’s a garden I would walk around it and then probably chill for a bit! As for a hike, I would do the hike, probably with some music or a podcast playing as well! And a park, just lay and watch Netflix or read (there’s a huge pattern, I truly enjoy my Netflix watching out in random areas). 

But no matter what: the main goal is just to enjoy it! It does not matter what you end up doing, whether that’s the same as me or totally different to me! As long as you enjoy it and it’s something that brightens your day!

The finale!

After your sidequest you will get home and obviously be happy with your decision to go on one! Now is the time to spread the word and brainstorm! When your friends and roommates ask where you went, you have to share! If you post on Instagram, Snapchat, etc, photos from the sidequest are more than needed! And if you’re already looking for another sidequest to do, then don’t worry, after your sidequest you can brainstorm for later that day, or the next day or whenever you choose to go! 

Hopefully, with this, you too have been inspired to go on a sidequest! Now It is also important to remember that anything can be a sidequest! It’s all about perspective! As long as it’s an adventure that brightens your mood or your day, the sidequest has done its purpose! Even if it’s going to the grocery store next to your house and trying a new drink, if you consider that a sidequest, then boom, you have a sidequest! That’s all there is to it! So hopefully now, you too, have been inspired to do your own sidequest! 

Andrea Brehovska

Wisconsin '25

Hey! I am a psychology major with a digital studies and textile and designs certificate at the University of Wisconsin! I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic, but I grew up in the Bay Area, California! I love to travel, explore, and fashion. And my favorite colors are yellow and red!