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Get ready to feel comfy, confident, and cute on campus this fall

Fall is back and so are in person classes. It’s finally time for students and anyone else on campus to express themselves through fashion. The transition from summer to fall can be tricky relating to temperature, and what is practical for classes and long days. After seeing people on campus stand out in their fall fashion, and others on social media posting inspirational outfits, I have compiled a list of fall fashion trends everyone should consider.

A lot of these options are timeless and can work on warmer days, but also take us into winter. They can be dressed up or down and are perfect for weekends full of coffee shops and Sunday strolls, as well as weekdays full of classes.

Polo Neck Sweaters

Polo neck sweaters scream, “I mean business”. They are sophisticated, making anyone wearing them look powerful. Polo neck sweaters are so timeless – they have looked good on anyone and everyone for years! They are a fun and different trend to add to your closet for colder days when you want to feel ready for the essay you’ve been putting off.

Sets, Sets, Sets!
Tan loungewear two piece set. Sweatpants and tank top
Original photo by Christina Maria Schutz

Sweatshirt and sweatpants, workout sets, any set. Get it. They are such an easy option and are quick and easy for when you are running late. I have never not felt put together when wearing a set. I have never met a set I didn’t think was cute. Every person wearing a set makes me want a new set. If it is an early morning and you don’t have the energy to put together a fun outfit, wear a set. You need a set this fall.

Oversized anything – especially outerwear
Black Corduroy Jacket
Original photo by Isis Doss-Wassily

Oversized jackets and blazers are good to put on top of any outfit. They keep you warm when outside in Madison, but also are just so cute. Oversized looks and feels comfy. It gives you room to breathe. I highly recommend going for an oversized jacket so you can put it over a chunky sweater or sweatshirt in the winter. Jackets are an essential once it gets cold, but a cute one will give you the motivation to bear the weather.

Colorful Leather
Girl With Shades 2
Arianna Tucker / Her Campus

Maybe not the most practical for walking to classes, but super cute. If you are in need of a statement, leather is where you will find it. Wear colored leather and you automatically stand out. There is no way you would not look cool and edgy in some colored leather. Let’s feel like badasses this fall – wear some colored leather.

Second skin tops

Fall is for layering. If you have a favorite graphic tee from the summer, throw a second skin top under it. Boom. You’ve escalated the look. Not only that, but they’re comfy and keep you warm. Try one that’s patterned or mock necked! They’re super fun and make any fall outfit more dynamic.

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are back! They’re comfy, can be worn on warm AND cold days, and are so super cute. If I have said it once I have said it a million times: fall is for layering. Use that second skin top with a sweater vest and wow. If it’s a warmer day, pair it with a short sleeve shirt. The options are endless.

Mom Jeans
Denim jeans on top of one another
Original photo by Enisa Borova

It’s time to be comfy! Running from class to class is not easy and mom jeans are cute, keep you warm and are also super comfy. They look good with any sweater, and keep you looking put together while also comfy. You can match any top with a pair of mom jeans and make it cute.

As long as you wear it with confidence, you can make any fall outfit a new fashion trend.

Halle Zides

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I am a sophomore in college who loves sharing the things I am passionate with like minded people- this includes: fashion, eats, workout spots and ideas, empowerment, friendship, education, and more!!
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