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Women around the world have decided that 2017 is their year. The Women’s March, which occurred in late January, was the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history, and it was all about women. The day inspired and motivated women to speak up about issues of inequality all over the world, and women are out to prove that they will not be silenced. Their contributions to the world won’t go unnoticed any longer since women are uniting and taking a stand. On March 8th, there will be another demonstration taking place all over the world. The idea came from the same people who hosted the Women’s March on Washington, and the demonstration is called A Day Without a Woman. It happens to be occurring the same day as International Women’s Day, which is most definitely intentional.

The idea behind A Day Without a Woman is to show the important role that women play in political, economic, and social spheres worldwide. Women on this day have the choice to go on strike by avoiding things such as going to work and school, spending money, and doing household tasks such as cleaning and childcare. While this strike could be effective in theory, since it would prove that women are all too necessary for the functioning of society, it’s may not possible for many women.

The ability to go on strike is a privilege, and many people don’t seem to realize that. For women in lower economic situations, calling in sick to work could jeopardize their livelihoods and cause them to lose money needed to support themselves and their families. For women enrolled in schools and universities, missing class could cause a gap in their education. For women who have children or dependent relatives at home, ignoring their needs for the day is simply not realistic. However, the flaws behind A Day Without a Woman doesn’t mean that the strike isn’t worth participating in. It’s important to show the impact that women have on the world and what life would be like without them. Since women and racial minorities often don’t have the ability to take the day off, the strike will likely only include women who are privileged enough to avoid work, school, and other responsibilities without having a detrimental effect. This strike is providing visibility for women’s issues, but it won’t do much if only young, white, wealthy housewives are able to participate.

People, especially the original organizers of the demonstration, have realized some of the issues involved with coordinating a strike and have found alternative ways to support the movement without actively striking. For women who can’t afford to take the day off, wearing red is an amazing way to show solidarity with the movement and with those who are actively striking. Another way women can participate is by avoiding spending; women are responsible for a majority of all U.S. purchases, so not spending money can show stores and companies the effect that women have on the U.S. economy. Even for women who don’t have much time that day, donating a few dollars to a women-friendly organization or signing a petition in support of women’s rights. Women could even call their representatives during a lunch break and state their support/opposition to bills regarding women’s rights. Just speaking up about issues makes them harder to ignore, and small steps can have huge outcomes.

Of course, these options are not just limited to women. Men showing solidarity on A Day Without a Woman is important because men hold higher positions of power and are key in bringing women’s issues to the forefront of society. Men can also wear red, donate, sign petitions, and most importantly, support women in any way they can.

International Women’s Day, and the Day Without a Woman, is a day to show the impact that women have on the world. Despite the fact that men receive better pay and are given more opportunities to succeed, they wouldn’t be where they are if it weren’t for women helping them get there. March 8th will be all about girl power. Women should be proud to be women on that day and every other day of the year, because frankly, women rock.

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