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Wisconsin Spring Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

As I sit here writing this, on my 80-degree-and-sunny spring break, I check my weather app just to see that the forecast in Madison is 30 degrees with snow showers…Welcome to Wisconsin Spring. I know this could be depressing for many, but it only gives us that much more time to prepare our wardrobes for those amazing three weeks of warmth. So, wipe off the snow from your Sorels, and think to a brighter future. And let’s be real, when Wisconsin does break 50 degrees, the campus is unbelievable, and everybody is happy. It can only go up from here, right?

First, let’s talk shoes; the single most important thing about your outfit. We are finally able to ditch the snow boots we have convinced ourselves were cute for weeks, and don some real kicks. An edgy option that works and looks great is a cutout bootie. This pair from Zara is my favorite.

They are perfect for spring because of the taupe color and cutout detail, and they are perfect for Wisconsin spring because you might not be ready to wear sandals in the cool breeze just yet.

A denim jacket is another must for Wisconsin spring. This one from H&M is only $39.95, and will keep you comfortable in those chillier walks to class or in the freezing classrooms of Vilas Hall.                                   

You can pair this with a colorful sundress or another wash of denim jeans or shorts (for our daring fashionistas) for a perfect springtime look.

There are a million ways to dress for spring, but Wisconsin spring is an entirely different story. Don’t get too ahead of yourself and start rocking your Rainbow flip flops, shorts and tank top everywhere because as much as 55-degrees feels like summer, it isn’t. Don’t skip spring style and go straight to summer. Soak it in, mix it up and wear bright colors. The sun WILL come out!

My criterion is: if you have stopped wearing leggings 6 days a week, give yourself a pat on the back because you have made it to spring.