Why You Should Get Over Your FOMO

 FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”, AKA the fear that if you choose to stay in, something amazing will happen without you.  FOMO has practically mandated college students’ social lives.  It has been a reason people force themselves to go out to parties they’re indifferent to, tugged at students who, instead of studying, chug a couple beers and has turned many a movie night into a bar-hopping tour of the town. 

FOMO is, to say the least, a bit irrational.   Of course, just because you choose to stay in one night does not mean you’d miss the most memorable night of your life.  It’s time to get past FOMO, and here are three easy ways to cure your FOMO. 

Watching your waistline. 

Alcohol is calories, and a lot of them.  You can easily consume 700 calories of beer, mixed drinks, fishbowls and more in a single night without even realizing it.  Taking a break from all the booze can help you cut back on unwanted calories and even keep your waistline trim.  Instead of slamming down beers at a sub-par house party, you could be spending that time working up a sweat at the gym, trying out a new healthy recipe or relieving some stress at a yoga class you usually wouldn’t make it to.

One word…Netflix

Sometimes, you just need to decompress.  After a long week of homework, volunteering, exams, clubs, work and all things college-related, it’s good to just plain chill.  While partying can be a good way to let loose, it’s not exactly relaxing to plan out your outfit, attempt to meet up with your friends and plan an itinerary for the evening.  Sometimes, a binge-watch of your favorite show can be just as fun and satisfying as a night out, especially if you’re with good company. 

Put it in perspective.

Here’s the reality of it; a crazy party night out, no matter how fun, probably won’t be the most memorable moment of your entire life.  Your adult life includes scary but awesome stuff like marriage, family, careers, travel and more and if your first keg stand is a more significant moment in your life than the road trip you took with your BFF after graduation, you may have a prioritization issue.  You will have amazing nights out on the town, but staying in to watch movies with your beau once in a while doesn’t mean you’ll miss out.  For all you know, you may create even better memories staying in on a Saturday night every now and again.