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Even though Halloween ended, who says spooky season can’t continue just a liiiiitle bit longer?  In any season, Scream Queens is the perfect show to binge. Since it first aired in 2015, Scream Queens has been way underrated. The fictional, horror parody TV series follows the students of Wallace University as a serial killer hunts the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority. 

What makes Scream Queens so iconic is its cast. I mean, what other opportunity do you have to watch your favorite musicians and childhood actors plot murders? If you’ve ever wanted to see what Nick Jonas looks like disguised as Joaquin Phoenix or watch Glee’s Lea Michele fantasize about death while wearing a bedazzled fake neck brace, now’s your chance. 

Emma Roberts was BORN to play Chanel Oberlin, the bratty president of sorority Kappa Kappa Tau. Alongside Emma Roberts are her Co-Chanels: Ariana Grande as Chanel #2, Billie Lourd (daughter of Princess Leia) as Chanel #3, Abigail Breslin (you know, from Little Miss Sunshine, My Sister’s Keeper, etc) as Chanel #5 and Lea Michele as Chanel #6. If you’re like me, then you loved True Jackson from True Jackson VP and hated Alex Russo’s nemesis Gigi from Wizards of Waverly Place. Keke Palmer and Skyler Samuels are seemingly the only normal characters in the whole show. Odds are, you’ll love them both. Apart from her Activia commercials, Jamie Lee Curtis has been M.I.A since 2003, when she starred in Freaky Friday alongside Lindsay Lohan. Here, she plays the Dean of Wallace University. SNL regular Nasim Pedrad portrays the president of the national chapter of KKT. Plus, the show features special guest stars Chad Michael Murray and Patrick Schwarzenegger. With such a killer cast, why is the show so underrated? 

The whole premise of Scream Queens is irony, exaggerated humor and general off-putting visuals and conversations. The humor in the show is so perfect, so distinct, that it most likely flies right over the average viewer’s head. The fact that the cast can act so well that it comes off as bad acting is beyond fascinating. It’s what makes Scream Queens one of a kind. The exaggerated ignorance and narcissism of college kids in the midst of a serial killer’s reign will undoubtedly make you uncomfortable, but its light-hearted nature makes watching brutal killings almost bearable. Throughout the first season, the show directly evidences how quickly and easily murder can become a normal part of everyday life. Pretty deep. It’s creepy, it’s off-putting, it’s definitely going to keep you in the  Halloween spirit, but it won’t give you nightmares or make you afraid to walk outside alone.

So, why is Scream Queens flying under the radar of the most popular Halloween shows? Because most people just aren’t clever enough to appreciate it. So grab some popcorn, or candy corn..if you’re satan..and binge Scream Queens! 


Sarah McLeod

Wisconsin '22

Sarah is currently studying English, Psychology and Gender & Women's studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Wisconsin born and raised, she loves reading, coffee and spending time with her friends and family.
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