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Why Spring is the Best Season in Madison

From living in Wisconsin my whole life and attending this great university for the past three years, there is one fact that I’ve found to be very true–spring is better in Madison. Here are some features that make it so great.

1. The return of the Terrace ChairsThis day should be a national holiday because the second the chairs are placed back on the Terrace, everyone wants to spend the day basking in the sun instead of sitting in a lecture hall.

2. Studying (or napping) on Bascom

The only thing better than studying out at the Terrace is lying on Bascom and soaking up the sun. If you spend enough time “studying,” you can take that well-deserved nap.

3. Food Truck Friday

Even though the food trucks are always out, there is something special about being done with classes for the week and heading out to eat some great food from the food trucks. Bonus points if you can hit up the spring roll cart early!

4. Goodbye Winter!The best part about spring? The snow has officially melted, and warm, sunny days are here to stay. It seems like the sun never shines during a Madison winter. The walk to class has never felt so good.

5. In-between Class Study Breaks

It can be kind of a bummer walking in the beautiful weather when you know you’re on your way to class, but nothing is better than walking out of class knowing you have an hour or two to catch some rays.

6. Library MallNothing is more lively than library mall in the spring. With everyone sitting, eating from the food trucks, sipping iced coffee, and enjoying the sunshine, it’s bound to put a smile on your face.

Break out your sundresses and sunglasses Badgers, spring will be here soon!

Cover photo by Mckenzie Halling

Hi, I'm Abby Coppens, a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I'm pursuing a degree in Economics and Retail. In my free time, I really enjoying hanging out with my friends and family, doing homework, biking, and reading. I'm the biggest friends fanatic on the planet. Go Badgers!
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