Why It's Never Too Early to Celebrate Christmas, as Told by Buddy the Elf

I absolutely love everything about Christmas: I love the cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, Mariah Carey’s Christmas albums, the decorations, the cookies and, best of all, the snow. Because I love the Christmas season so much, I start getting in the Christmas spirit long before a person probably should. Oct. 1 comes, and I’m already lighting my Christmas candles, bringing out my Christmas sweaters and watching Christmas movies. Sorry, I’m one of those people.

But I know that I can’t be alone. I’m choosing to believe that anyone who is against celebrating Christmas just a few months early is simply lying.

Now, when someone questions why I start getting in the holiday spirit so early, I just channel my inner Buddy the Elf and explain why the Christmas season is the best season. If you can give me a good reason or two as to why I shouldn't get into the spirit so early, I suppose I can consider reevaluating my Christmas obsession.

Whoever decided that we had to wait until December to start spreading the holiday cheer, anyway?

I mean, Christmas food is available year-round; so why save it for only a couple weeks at the end of December? I vote to eat it year-round.

Plus, don't Hallmark Christmas movies just make you feel better? Love is always in the air. *Don't panic, but the 2017 Hallmark Countdown to Christmas started on Oct. 28*

Aren’t holiday activities always just better? I mean, we choose to ignore the fact that some of these are winter activities for a reason.

And if midterms happened to have beat you up, won't decorating just immediately cheer you up?

And, what’s not to love about Santa? He brings Christmas cheer and — if you’re on the nice list  — presents!

While I fully support any and all Christmas celebrations, it’s important to remember that some people may be more like Scrooge than Buddy the Elf. Don’t be afraid to blast your Christmas music; but make sure you don't drive your roommates too crazy with your 6 month-long Christmas celebration either.

In conclusion, we should all be down to celebrate Christmas early because…