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And why you should to

Growing up, I was an avid reader. From The Magic Tree House to Seventeen magazine, I read anything at my disposal. However, sometime between middle school and high school, I stopped reading and started spending more and more time on my phone. Hours of reading turned into hours of my time spent on Instagram and TikTok. But within the past two years, I’ve gotten better at putting down my phone and picking up a book, and I think more people should do the same. 

The main reason that I started reading again was so that I would get off my phone. Before I started reading again, I would spend hours of my time scrolling aimlessly through different social media platforms or watching TV and movies. I was basically addicted to my phone. While it took me a while to give up this addiction, I realized that there were better, healthier ways for me to utilize this time, and one of them was reading. 

Reading has been scientifically proven to be good for us as it can help prevent cognitive decline, benefit our social skills, reduce stress and potentially even lengthen our lifespans. 

Besides the many positive health benefits of reading, reading a book gave me a distraction from my phone and social media, which, in my opinion, has resulted in many other benefits. Staying off my phone has allowed me to take a step back from any of the stress or negativity that surrounds social media and has instead allowed me to put my energy into something that can benefit me. 

Reading books has also allowed me to escape into entirely different, interesting new worlds. When I was younger, my favorite part of reading was that I was able to transport myself into these new worlds. One minute I was in Wisconsin, the next I was inside a magic tree house or away at Hogwarts. While the books I read now might not be as focused on magic and spells, they still transport me to a life or place so unlike my own. So, when I’m stressed and need to escape for a little bit. I know I can always pick up a new book and forget about my troubles for a little bit. 

Reading can also just be really fun. While flipping through pages might not sound fun, especially when you can just watch something instead, there is literally a book for everything. If you want  romance, you can find it. If you want a paranormal ghost book, you can find it. There is a book for every trope and every mood, and when you find the perfect book that satisfies exactly what you’re looking for, reading can be really fun.

Like so many, I drifted away from books while I was growing up. But recently, I have found myself drawn to books again. And while there are so many physical and mental health benefits to reading, reading also pulls you away from your phone and can be genuinely fun when you find the right book, which is why I think everyone needs to give reading a shot again.

Jenna Trucke

Wisconsin '24

Hi! I'm Jenna and I'm a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Political Science and Journalism on the strategic communication track. In my free time, I like love reading good books and spending time with my friends.